FB post on Death due to Doctor’s Negligence goes Viral

FB post on Death due to Doctor’s Negligence goes Viral

Bengaluru/Udupi: A viral post on the alleged negligence of doctor leading to the death of pregnant women during labour in a private hospital in Udupi has sparked public outrage in the social media.

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A post in Facebook account handled by Kanni Rajan is now viral on Facebook recording 1,64,950 shares. The post mentions that Shruthi Suvarna (23) died on June 10 following alleged negligence of the doctor during the caesarian operation. Shruthi Suvarna was admitted to a private hospital in Udupi. The post alleges that the doctor lacks experience and during labour injected painkiller and the baby stuck halfway. The doctor tried to perform c-section and while operating cut the main blood-nerve.

The post alleges that the doctor unable to stop severe bleeding lead to the death of Shruthi Suvarna (23). The post further raises its concern towards alleged negligence of the doctor.

A leading newspaper daily reports the doctor’s version where the doctor claimed pregnancy complications. Shruthi Suvarna is of Pangala, Udupi origin. Sources say that the baby is healthy.

The newspaper further reports that a formal complaint has been registered in the Udupi Town Police Station but legal action cannot be initiated. Police say that they were not informed of the death of Shruthi. The body has been cremated without conducting a post-mortem. As the body is cremated, post mortem cannot be initiated which is credible for further probe.

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