Francisco de Goya painting and drawing stolen in Spain

Madrid, Sep 27 (IANS) A painting and a drawing attributed to Spanish painter Francisco de Goya have been stolen from a private home in Madrid, investigators said on Saturday.

The robbery was committed on September 1 after the thieves disabled the alarm system so they could get into the house unnoticed and make off with the two works of art, reported Efe news agency.

The painting is called “Dream of St. Joseph” and the drawing “Sketches of Heads”.

The owners of the two works also got in contact with the Art Recovery Group, a company that specialises in combing the market and recovering stolen works of art through a database.

The company posted a tweet notifying the public that the two works — “Dream of St. Joseph” (13 x 9 inches) and “Sketches of Heads”, (8 x 6 inches) — were stolen from a private residence in Madrid.

It also tweeted that the robbery has been reported to security forces and the works are now identified on their database.

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