Honesty is Best Policy, Police Constable Returns lost money

Honesty is Best Policy, Police Constable Returns lost money

Mangaluru: Police commissioner Chandra Sekhar rewarded traffic police, Suresh Kumar with a cash prize and a commendation certificate for returning the lost money to Kishan Kumar who lost it while riding his two-wheeler at Lalbagh here on August 30.
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The traffic police who was on duty at Lalbagh noticed a packet falling from a two-wheeler, But was not able to notice the rider or the number plate of the vehicle. He picked the packet and was surprised to find cash of Rs 23,250 along with the bank slip.
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Suresh Kumar, a native of Belgaum immediately informed the Bunder police station and handed over the same to the Inspector. The matter was published in the newspaper.  Reading the news, Kishan, an employee of Coco-cola company who lost the money while on his way to deposit it in the bank, visited the Bunder police station.
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The Bunder police came to the Police commissioner’s office to hand over the money to the Kishan. The police commissioner appreciated the sincerity of the police constable, Suresh and congratulated him, he also rewarded him with a cash prize and a commendation certificate.
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The Police commissioner advised Kishan not to be careless while dealing with money. Every day is not the same, today our police constable found the money,tomorrow it maybe someone.


  1. Surely God will reward Mr. Suresh Kumar
    abundantly for his good thought and deed.

    It’s very kind of our Police Commissioner
    to honour such good human beings who
    serve the public. God will bless him too
    for honouring the good staff of Police.

  2. Well appreciated Sunil Kumar, there are many such good people in this world. Keep up the good work and something to be proud of.

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