Karwar: Fiery Statement on Islam and Terrorism Attributed to MP Anant Kumar Hegde

Karwar: The local media has attributed a controversial statement to Anant Kumar Dattatreya Hegde, the BJP Lok Sabha member from Uttar Kannada (Canara) constituency.

Speaking at a media meet in Sirsi on Sunday, Hegde reportedly said that as long as Islam remained, terrorism could not be uprooted in the world. He accused that a section of the media and intellectuals supported terrorism. The incidents at the JNU bore witness to it.


Continuing further, he is said to have squarely named Bhatkal in Uttar Kannada and Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh as being hubs of terrorism.

He also reportedly sought action against the sections of the media which glorified terrorism. BJP district spokesperson Nagaraj Joshi, secretary Shrikant Naik and zilla panchayat member Usha Hegde were present at the media meet.

Surprisingly, the mainstream media has not carried the report. If they chose to ignore the statement is not known.


  1. Dear readers,

    Several leaders including Smriti Irani’s deputy in the HRD Ministry, Ram Shankar Katheria, Fatehpur Sikri MP Babu Lal,VHP general secretary Surendra Jain and Bajrang Dal attended the condolence meet of VHP worker Arun Mahaur, who was killed last week by some Muslim youths in Agra.

    Smriti’s deputy Katheria ask Hindus to take up arms to kill Muslims

    VHP district secretary Ashok Lavania compared Muslims to “demons” and “descendants of Ravana”, and warned for preparing a “final battle” to take “badla (revenge)” before the 13th-day death rituals for Mahaur. “Human skulls would be offered to his martyrdom.”

    BJP MLA Jagan Prasad Garg asked Hindus to take up arms for 2017 Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, “You will have to fire bullets, you will have to wield knives. Elections are approaching in 2017,show your strength from now onwards.” T

    The crowd chanted slogans such as “Jis Hindu ka khoon na khaule, khoon nahin wo pani hai (the Hindu who doesn’t get angry isn’t Hindu enough)”.

    During 2014 Lok Sabha elections dominate Jat of western belt of UP are pitted against Muslims using the pretext of ‘love jihad’ uniting under ‘ ‘Bahu Beti Samaan Bachao Mahapanchayat’. In Haryana same Jat caste found dragging women and raping them using reservation.

    While university under completed siege using ‘anti-national’,this Uttar Kannada MP joining the club of bad mouth Yogi,Sadhvi,baba is not surprising.

    While PM Modi is sceptical over ‘man ki baat’ on radio and foreign land ‘good governance’ is taken over by reins of RSS affiliations.

    Jai Hind

    Jai Hind

    • anti-hindu Congress, JDU, IUML, AIMIM and others parties not not fit to be politicians. United Hindus will fight for their justice in their own land against all anti hindu elements

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