Kudligi DySP Anupama Shenoy Resigns

Kudligi DySP Anupama Shenoy Resigns

Bellary: DySP Anupama Shenoy, who was transferred by minister P T Parameshwar Naik, is once again in the news after resigning from her post here, on June 4.

Anupama was transferred on January 19 to Athani by Minister Parameshwar for not receiving his call. Within three days of her transfer, she was again transferred to Indi. As soon as the news spread that the minister was directly responsible for the transfer, various organizations staged a protest and demanded that Anupama be reinstated.


On the morning of June 4, DySP Anupama handed over her resignation letter to Inspector Nagappa and went on leave.

Superintendent of Police, R Chethan said that the reason for the sudden resignation is not known. “She has submitted her resignation and gone on leave,” he said.

There are rumours that a liquor shop owner had donated land to build Ambedkar Bhavan near Kudligi Bus Stop. Some Dalit leaders opposed this, since the site was near a liquor shop and had filed a complaint. After receiving the complaint, Anupama had warned those in charge of building the Ambedkar Bhavan to cease the construction. On the midnight of June 3, Congress leader Ravi, Kudligi Town Panchayat member from BJP Rajanikanth and Krishnamurthy were arrested by DySP Anupama for ignoring the warning and moving ahead with the construction.

There is an allegation that the arrested were assaulted by Anupama in the police station. Followers of the arrested leaders had also planned to stage a protest in front of the police station. Senior police officers have also blamed Anupama for her action against the leaders, and this might have lead to her resignation.


  1. Why did she resign? What is going on here? We all need to know.

    It is disappointing to see honest, upright people and truthful from all walks of life being forced out of their jobs and public life. Whether, it is Congress or BJP there are people at highest levels elected and bureaucrats protecting unscrupulous peoples apparently for a fee or a position which makes our “entire system” of functioning corrupt.

    If this tread is not checked by all right thinking people, who sole aim in the uplift and development of Mother India, will in my humble opinion lead to unstoppable downfall of our great land.

  2. In short the actions of Ms. Anupama Shenoy, the Deputy Superintendent of Police, clearly show that I.P.S. is not meant for people who are honest, upright, possess integrity and want to fight crime. It is meant for haan jees, sycophants, who want to amass ill-gotten wealth.

    Ms. Anupama Shenoy has done the right thing by quitting from this corrupt system, as she would not have made much headway.

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