Los Angeles: Mangala Mela Celebrates Monti Fest

Los Angeles: Mangaloraen Catholic families in Los Angeles area, known as ‘Mangala Mela’, celebrated Monti Fest with religious fervor and gaiety at St. Cyril’s Church hall, Encino, CA on Sunday, September 6.

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The service began at 5.30 pm with a prayer by Fr Cyprian Carlo at the grotto. Thereafter all the children and adults showered flowers to Mother Mary to the beautiful tune of “Sokkod Sangatha Mellyan” and “Moriyek Hogolsiyan” by the choir. Fr Cyprian Carlo and visiting priest Fr Valerian Menezes from Mangaluru led the Holy Eucharistic celebration in English and Konkani, and hymns too were sung in both languages by the choir.

Appetizers were served immediately thereafter and it was time for some entertainment. The children presented a variety of entertainment in the form of music, songs and dance. Games for children were also held. Traditional and sumptuous vegetarian dinner, which was prepared by all the families present at the event, was served to all. It was a well organized family event enjoyed by one and all.

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