Mangaluru: Bajrang Dal Activists Stop Shah Rukh Khan’s Movie Dilwale from Screening

Mangaluru: Bajrang Dal activists gathered at the City centre, Forum Mall and Bharat Mall to stop Shah Rukh Khan’s Movie ‘Dilwale’ from screening for his comment on intolerance, here on December 20.

Dilwale (1)

Speaking to Bhujang Kulal said that we will not allow Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan’s movie to be screened in Mangaluru.

He further said that this is a protest against the comment which was made by Shah Rukh Khan on intolerance. We will not allow any of Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan’s movies to be screened.

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Activists stopped “Dilwale”, movie from screening in Forum Mall and also in the City centre and Bharat Mall.

Ganesh Kumpala, Praveen Kuthar, Punith among others were present.


  1. This is wrong. In a free society, we have the right to protest, not to disrupt and cause financial loss. These guys should be made to pay the Forum mall for the financial loss. Since there is enough proof, police should go after all those in these pictures and make them pay for the damage!

    Then again, India is a third-world nation where both media and politicians still don’t know the true meaning of free speech and its boundaries. They have different standards for different groups. I wouldn’t be surprised if this incident is followed by an avalanche of fake outrage by those dummies in Bollywood, media and politics. Remember, these are the same folks who never uttered a word when a Muslim cleric offered Rs.51 lakh rupees as a reward for those who will behead a RSS leader!!!

  2. Such type of goondaism happening due to Mangalore’s poor administration and incapable elected leaders’ double standard otherwise such things could be stopped within an hour. The current leaders are paper tigers, without any power to stop such none sense. One more thing, such disturbance happening not because of these goons are strong but because of good and bold people are silent.

  3. Dear readers,

    Is Mangalore is heading for ‘Smart city’ or will it lacks ‘smart people’?

    What a wonderful way to protest ‘intolerance’ which PM Modi governement hand picked. Luckily Police personnel in uniform in this ‘Selfie with street goondas’.

    No doubt cobrapost sting proves true with each passing incident.

    Is Mangalore is example for ‘Sabka saath, sabka vikas’ promised by the Modi’s ‘Good governance’?

    Jai Hind

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