My beloved Mangalore

""Name:  Crystal Rodrigues
Date of Birth:  10/23/93
Father’s Name:  Sal Rodrigues
Mother’s Name:  Florine Rodrigues
Native Place:  Belle Udupi
School: Crone Middle School, Naperville, Illinois

Hi, my name is Crystal.  I’m a grade 7 student at Crone Middle School, Naperville, Illinois.  I have great passion for music.  I have taken couple of years of voice lessons as well as piano lessons when I was in elementary school.  Now I?m in honor chorus in my school as well as I play violin in the school orchestra.  My hobbies are reading, playing basketball and swimming. I love to watch Indian Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Indian Idol T.V. programs. My parents make it a point to visit India once in every two years so I wrote this poem about Mangalore.


Mangalore is an exceptional place to be
When you go there, there are many unique things to see
From forests to sweet mango trees
The serene atmosphere keeps me at ease
As cows roam the streets
I?m sitting in ?Diana? devouring luscious sweets
I can see many forests and wild creatures
The jungle has many stunning features
Outside in the fields farmers are working
And the monkeys in the forests are lurking
The mosquitoes are dining on my skin
The cool breeze makes a sound better that a violin