Now Mahesh PU College too Insists There was No CID ‘Raid’!

Mangaluru: After the Expert PU College clarified that there was no raid by the CID officials on their institutions, which was followed by a court injunction on the media not to publish any reports on them, now it is the turn of Mahesh PU College to deny any ‘raid’ of that kind.

It may be recalled here that Expert and Mahesh colleges were visited by a team of CID officials in connection with the PU Chemistry question paper leak.


The Expert group has already issued a denial and also through a court order prevented the media from publishing anything adverse about them.

Mahesh College trustee Sujit Kumar has said that none of the branches of their institutions had been raided anywhere in the state.

He pointed out that the CID team had visited only the Mangaluru campus and not any of its other branches.

Whatever information that was asked for was promtly provided and the college had cooperated with the team, he clarified

He further said that certain individuals, institutions and sections of the media were trying to project the visit as a ‘raid’ and sending a wrong message to the society.

Mahesh College had been maintaining a good name and reputation and malicious attempts were being made by some elements to ruin the image of the college, which was really painful, he said.

The institution was not involved in any malpractice like question paper leak. When the investigations were in progress, attempts were being made to show the institution as accused, which was unfair, he said.

Neither did the institution need to indulge in malpractice for any purpose, he added.

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