Sonia Gandhi Only Person in the World to Refuse Power – Ramanath Rai

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Mangaluru: “Sonia Gandhi is the only person in the world to refuse power which came her way. Advani, on the other hand, has been vying for power even at this old age,” said District Minister In-charge Ramanath Rai. He was speaking at a protest in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office here, on May 2.

“BJP came to power by deceit and spreading lies. They had said that the Congress party had misruled the nation for 60 years and they would give a better government within 60 days of taking office. What changes have they brought so far? Sangh Parivar has taken up the task of criticizing the Congress party for everything,” Rai added.


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Rai said, “Sangh Parivar is criticizing leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, who spent years in jail for the nation. Indira Gandhi who gave many pro-poor schemes and laid her life for the nation isn’t spared too. Innocent Rajiv Gandhi was framed in the Bofors scam. Congress party is the only party to give the opportunity to the backward class to contest in elections,” Rai said.

MLA JR Lobo said, “BJP has been pinning baseless accusations on the Gandhi family with the help of Subramanian Swamy. They came to power by criticizing the schemes and projects of the Congress party. But after taking office, they are quiet about those projects, like the Aadhar card and are utilizing them for their gain. The price of petrol has not been reduced compared to the international crude oil price during the congress rule and now.”

He further said, “They promised to deposit Rs 15 lakh in the bank accounts of each Indian by bringing back the black money stashed abroad. It was the UPA government which scrapped the AgustaWestland deal when it found irregularities. The accusation on Sonia Gandhi by Subramanian Swamy is purely a personal attack.”

Mayor Harinath said, “How many leaders of BJP have laid their lives for the nation? They simply have no right to speak about the Congress party.”

MLC Ivan D’Souza said, “Subramanian Swamy is just a pet kept by the BJP to do their bidding. He hasn’t been speaking a word about others but has been only criticizing the Gandhi family. He recites the same lie a hundred times till it sounds like the truth. The Italian courts have not pinned the blame on any of the leaders but have just highlighted the irregularities in the AugustaWestland contract. If someone has to speak about Sonia Gandhi, let it be a responsible person.”

MLA Mohiuddin Bava, MLC Ivan D’Souza; MUDA Chairman, Ibrahim Kodijal; Youth Congress leader Mithun Rai and PV Mohan also spoke on the occasion.

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  1. Mr Rai

    Thanks for your opinion. Sonia Gandhi should be awarded Nobel prize?. Please remember, it takes ages for BJP to rectify misdeeds done under the Cong I govt over 69 years. Give more time to Modi.

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