Puttur: Fishing in Troubled Times – It’s Mackerel Festival for Residents of Golitottu

Puttur: It is a common scenario when a mishap occurs. When heavy or commercial vehicles crash on the roads, a very few volunteer to help to the injured or shift the dead.


But when the loadful of goods like fuel, poultry, oil and other consumer goods spill over the road, most of the passersby make a kill by grabbing as much as possible.

A majority of residents of Golitottu on the Shiradi-Mangaluru highway might be celebrating mackerel festival for some days. Even the freezer compartments in their home refrigerators could remain full for some time.

A mini lorry laden with mackerel fish, locally called ‘bangude’, arriving from Tamil Nadu hit a parked bike at Golitottu near Uppinangady on Wednesday night. The loadful of fish got splashed all over the road. The villagers generously helped themselves and helped in clearing the road.

Although the lorry rolled over, the driver and cleaner escaped unhurt. They could only watch helplessly as everyone shared the load of fish among themselves.


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