Raja’s Seat in Madikeri Abuzz with Visitors, Vehicles

Raja’s Seat in Madikeri Abuzz with Visitors, Vehicles

Madikeri: Raja’s Seat, a picturesque tourist hotspot here, is teeming with visitors. Hot weather and water scarcity had been dissuading factors for a few days.


With the temperature taking a dip, visitors have been thronging this hilltop city once again. A holiday for Buddha Poornima on Saturday, followed by a Sunday and many adding a casual holiday on Monday, it was a house full affair at the spot.

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There was a large number of visitors from other states too. Summer holidays for children has been an additional factor for the rush. Vehicles too caused jams often during the past three days.

Homestays and accommodations have been running full. The only worry for the civic officials is the litter being thrown around by the tourists. Madikeri otherwise being a beautiful city, only the trash thrown around could be an eyesore.

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Raja’s Seat has a historical significance and importance. The rulers of Kodagu are said to have been watching the sunset from the end-point in the company of their queens a few centuries ago. During the British rule too, the spot continued to be a favourite place. Hence, it has been named so.

Over the years, the department of tourism and the civic body have ensured a lot of renovations and beautification at the place.

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