society without selfishness


SOCIETY WITHOUT SELFISHNESS (SWS) (The final chance for survival of this universe) —————————————————————————————————————————- Preamble: Every EARTHIZEN (person living on this earth) WILL HAVE UNDIVIDED EQUAL SHARE ON IMMOVABLE PROPERTIES OF THIS EARTH. The basic idea for establishment of a Society without selfishness is to ensure equality in all respects to every earthizen. The entire scheme of SWS is based on the simple motive of providing free food, clothing and shelter to every earthizen while curbing all luxuries now enjoyed by selected few. All weapons including small arms will be destroyed. A common religion will be formulated and all persons and regions will be re-named. Towards this goal necessary basic corrections in the working of the present selfish Society are required. The Society without selfishness ensures maximum satisfaction with minimum resources. It is founded on the basic ideal of love everyone as much as you love yourself. It ensures restoration of environment to its natural form, which is being fast contaminated by present system. It ensures common amenities, religion, rights and duties to every earthizen. BASICS : LOVE EVERYONE WITHOUT SELFISHNESS. What are the causes for failure of present system of selfish Society ? The main cause for failure for the present system of selfish Society (PSSS) is its base. It is based on selfishness. Everyone including Governments and religious leaders act and take decisions based on selfishness. It gives scant respect to individuals. It respects only the successful. It practices slavery, treachery, corruption, murder, genocide, ethnic cleansing, monopoly, competition, terrorism, wars, drug abuse, regularisation of irregular activities, adultery, abortion, drunkedness, drug addiction, smoking and so on which are all the ugly faces of SELFISHNESS. (called evils in future) About 75% of earthizens are below poverty line and fight a losing battle for survival. They are the victims of slavery and almost all the evils mentioned above. Religions and self help groups render some help but the fact that poverty and hunger is predominant only shows that selfishness is getting upper hand. The PSSS is trying to satisfy the unlimited wants of a few selected successful persons at the cost of limited resources of this mother EARTH and in the process it pushes more and more people below the poverty line. They have evolved a system of Democracy stating that it gives right to the people. But unfortunately this Democracy has benefited the rulers and not the ruled. The political leaders throughout the world have practised every possible evils mentioned above. The present justice system has ensured their safety on the dogma ‘no punishment without witness’. Witnesses are suppressed and the guilty are ensured safe passage. Majority has lost faith in the system but unfortunately they are helpless in the absence of an alternative. COMPLEXITY IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY. The new system of Society without selfishness will ensure to eradicate these anomalies. SIMPLICTY WILL BE THE WATCHWORD. HOW THE NEW SYSTEM WILL WORK ? AT THE OUTSET IT IS MADE CLEAR DURING THE TRANSITION PERIOD the members are directed to stay in the PSSS and obey all its laws and regulations. There will be not any revolt. The transition period should not be violent. The members are required to stick on to basics. Otherwise the SWS will be derailed. Our preamble does not recognise violence or revolt. The SWS will be established in 3 phases. Phase 1- Transition Phase 2- Universalisation Phase 3- Completion. Phase 1 The Transition phase is divided into 5 steps: 1.Step 1- In this step like minded people will organise to develop and register regional SWS groups. During this step members will obey all the laws and rules of the PSSS. These groups will register and assign certain sequential numbers, which will become their names once the PSSS is established. These groups are required to enrol has political entity by name SWS. They shall propagate the principles of new system and they are required to be patient during their interaction without showing any signs of anger or violence. The members will continue to live in the PSSS without any obstacles to the existing system.The SWS will fight elections in Democratic countries and its success in elections is rest assured because majority of the earthizens are victims of the PSSS. 2. Step 2 -Establishment of Governments Once SWS takes power in democratic countries it will not immediately establish SWS. Trasition should not be violent. The following initial corrections will be made to PSSS:- a) The salaries of all the employees working in Government and semi-Government organisations will be equalised. The employees will be taught that every human being is equal in hunger and naturally everyone requires equal food, clothing and shelter. The non-government establishments will soon follow path. Again while initiating this step every care should be taken to ensure the basic LOVE EVERYONE. The law equalising salary will try to educate the people and if any violence is resorted by employees negotiation and not coercion should deal the same. This step is most crucial for the establishment of SWS throughout the world. Care should be taken to implement this step with great caution as supporter of PSSS may resort to provocative violence. There should not be major change in the laws and rules until all the employees including menial labourers are ensured equal salary. The success of this step will be primary to the establishment of SWS throughout the world. b) EDUCATION: People will be educated that selfishness was the root cause for all the evils. They will be educated that equality in all respects to every earthizen is essential for eradicating selfishness. They should be educated and prepared to the next step of nationalisation of property to ensure equality in shelter to everyone. c) Religion: The religious leaders will be requested and persuaded to sacrifice their differences and devise a common religion. They will be enlightened that different religious ideologies have caused damage to everyone destroying peace. Peace and love are basics of all religions. Naturally a common religion can be formulated to ensure peace and love among all. Meanwhile people will be educated to sacrifice their different religious practices and ensure equality in religious thinking. God is one and hence naturally it is not correct to carry on different faiths, which has caused so much hatred and violence in the PSSS. d) RENAMING PLACE AND PERSONS This is essential to eradicate the stigma attached to names, which has caused caste system and divided the Society. Hitler can be best example for practising genocide for the sake of name. The people will be educated and mind prepared to change their names and the names of their places. They will be taught that hence forth a person will not more equal because of his name or name of the region from which he is hailing. 3.STEP-3 ESTABLISHING SWS IN PURE FORM This step is most fundamental step in establishing SWS. The various actions are enumerated as follows: a) Nationalising private property: All immovable properties will be nationalised. Property rights will be restricted to movable properties for the time being. Community centres on the principles of co-operation will be established. In this community centre people will be listed and arrangements will be made to ensure food, clothing and shelter. Movable properties will be nationalised in course of time. b) Re-naming of persons on the basis of alpha-numerical marks: All persons attached to a community will be re-named based on a distinguishing alpha-numerical mark which will remove the stigma attached to a person of religion, caste and region. c) Common religion: Religion in itself is good. But the variety in religions has created such a deep havoc in PSSS that even GOD has become a contentious entity. A common religion based on the principle that GOD is one and should be given all respects within one’s mind and heart and not by public demonstration will be established. There will be no public demonstration of religious sentiments. Anyway the new system ensures that no sins are committed and naturally we do not need agents to pray for forgiveness with GOD for the sins. 4.STEP-4 UNIVERLISATION This last ensures SWS throughout the world. The followiing actions are contemplated: a) Re-naming regions and countries: This is essential to remove the stigma attached to a name of a region or a country. The new names will be alph-numerical. b) The entire world will be declared as one entity and kings and despots and even certain puppet democracies, which have so far not fallen in line with SWS, will be persuaded to join the main stream. If they fail forceful acquisition is the only and the last violent action that will be adopted on this earth. Once the entire world is brought under SWS then no more violence will be practised anywhere in the world. c) All weapons including small arms will be destroyed. Weapons will be STATE property to be used not against humans but in case of necessity against violent animals. d) Researchers will be asked to ensure the best possible food for every earthizen with least pressure on nature. e) Education is compulsory and free. English will be adopted as international language and every earthizen is required to study it. The entire world will have English as official language. f) People will be required to lead a disciplined and life of sacrifice for the betterment of every one. g) The main industry will be agriculture and the land available will be put to maximum use with traditional methods augmented by best possible non-environmental pollutant technology. h) Marriages will be between two loved couples. The boy and girl are required to understand each other before Marriage and once married they cannot divorce. Hence only love marriages will be encouraged. Arranged marriages will be discouraged. Once married the couples will remain together till their separation due to death. Divorcees below the age of 35 for men and 30 for women will be permitted to re-marry if they wish to marry. i) All earthizens will enjoy maximum freedom in all walks of life; however, they should ensure their freedom will not endanger SWS. j) Movement of people will be restricted to the community to reduce unnecessary pollution and pressure on meagre natural resources. k) Industries will only ensure equal food, clothing and shelter. All industries, which are not relevant in SWS, will be discarded. Prominence will be given on protecting nature of its virgin form. l) Hospitals will provide free medicine to everyone. There will only be special wards! m) State will ensure that all elderly, physically handicapped and insane persons will receive the same treatment as an EARTHIZEN. There will be special community centres to look after these people. n) There will not be unemployment in the new system. Every healthy adult other than students will work as per his qualification. State will ensure that human resources are fully utilised without any scope for laziness. Education will ensure that people will work more for himself but for the Society. o) All forms of drugs like liquor, beer, tobacco and its products will be banned. PUNISHMENTS UNDER SWS People not ready to accept SWS, lazy people, violent people will be dealt in the following manner: They will be transferred to secluded community centres where they will be educated and persuaded to accept SWS. Once they fall in line they will be transferred back to their parent Community centre. There will not be capital punishments or punishment of any violent nature. The SWS ensures no crime because of its ideals. You may not find the necessity of stealing or robbing because you cannot enjoy property rights. The system ensure you free food, clothing and shelter and naturally when there are no other luxuries that can be enjoyed why you practice any violence or wicked act. EVOLUTION OF PSSS The PSSS evolved somewhere when man realised that he can make others work for him. Meaning to say the day he became lazy. Then he realised that selfishness can bring him happiness. But he failed to realise that even his brethren can practice selfishness. This created conflicts. He created religion to regulate selfishness. He preached and not practised. Christianity became famous in masses because it dealt a blow to selfishness. Jesus Christ sacrificed his life on the crucifix. However, Christianity under influence of selfishness became materialistic and made adjustments to suit the PSSS. It failed to deliver and got divided into several wings each propagating its own ideals. There are people especially Europeans who feel that they have more freedom of speech who are questioning the life style of Jesus. They doubt his accomplice Mary Magdalene. BUT THESE EUROPEANS WHO ARE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL EVILS OF PRESENT SYSTEM have not discovered a method of adopting the principles and the commandments given by GOD. They have during the last 20 centuries had not able to devise an IDEAL WORLD, which was dreamt by Jesus for which he sacrificed his life. Regarding Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Zorastrism and all other religions the religious leaders have COMPROMISED with the PSSS. They have built their empires and are not ready to compromise with each other to evolve a common religion. They know that GOD is one and therefore it is not correct to misguide people, which many time into violent conflicts between different religious groups. Religion is more or less misused by politicians for their selfish goals and religious leaders are puppets in their hands especially in under developed and developing countries. The PSSS, which thus evolved then, regularised its activities by adopting commerce, economics, laws to regulate crimes etc. The laws in the PSSS do not concentrate on prevention of crimes but only contemplates punishment after committing crime. Person can decide to commit a crime depending upon his capacity to receive the punishment. Meanwhile the victim who has suffered from the crime will not get any relief unless the crime is proved. The kings and despots who were in power under PSSS have committed severe crimes against humanity. We enjoy the great workmanship of huge structures and palaces of these kings and despots. But we are noticing the pains, suffering, and loss of life of ordinary citizens who were forced to work as slaves by these barbaric kings and despots. Even religions have failed to stop these kings and rulers from acts of barbarism. Instead even after theses kings and despots have been overpowered we appreciate them by writing on their heroic acts and their patronage for sculpture!! The intelligent historians who were in turn their patrons have suppressed their deeds against humanity. The 20th democracies have adopted selfishness by adopting competitive markets, multi-national companies and wars that are all crimes against humanity. Competition creates an atmosphere wherein the survival of fittest alone is adopted. Wars have destroyed property and life of ordinary citizens. Multi-national companies are adopting methods to boost their wealth at the cost of humanity. The market system democracies have increased the gap between have and have-nots. In the result it is depriving majority of their basis necessities. The Politicians are becoming rich at the cost of poor voters. The elections are fought not for serving the people but to destroy the people. Once in power laws and rules are formed for the detriment of the common man. People are striving hard to come out this shackle of bureaucracy and democracy. Selfish deeds are being regularised to save the guilty and corrupt people. There are certain persons and entities that enjoy wealth equal to the budgetary requirement of some of the developing countries. The PSSS recognises VVIP and VIPs. The divides between have and have-not’s is clearly visible not only between persons but also among nations. Money power and political power are the mantra of the day. There is scant respect to human rights. For the sake of money people engage in all kind of evils. Money is the main theme of every activity. People are ready to kill others for the sake of power and money. Education and Religion are commercialised. People have forgotten everything in this mad rush for money and power that they are basically animals with rationale. Corruption is the order of the day in all walks of life. The craze for money is so much that there is no limit for its acquisition. The preaching of great saints, martyrs and religious gurus is thrown to winds for the sake of money. THE PSSS DOES NOT RECOGONISE UNSUCCESSUL. To achieve success all methods legal and illegal are being adopted. Distrust and fear is fast spreading especially among younger generations. The pressure adopted by the parents on children to achieve SUCCESS is great. It has become a mad, mad world. Cut throat competition, survival of the fittest, recognition of successful, are the basics of PSSS. It has destroyed human values thus depriving poor people who are unsuccessful to slavery. Majority is deprived of basic necessities and is being wiped off by hunger from the face of this universe. Weapons of mass destruction have been devised to show the power of a nation. Terrorists are killing innocent people to show their presence. Thus the common man has become a soft target for all-powerful persons. Billions of dollars are spent on defence and research for wasteful purpose. Scant respect is paid to the laws of nature and to maintain its virginity. Forests are being destroyed for commercial purposes. The power mongers have become mad and trying to achieve short-term goals at the cost of humanity. CONCLUSION: Dear reader if you are enlightened that this system is the right one for this earth, then please send your opinion on the same. You are required to indicate whether want to be a active member or a passive member. Active members are required to preach, propagate the theme of SWS and participate in elections, You can enrol yourself as a member by sending your bio-data to the following address: Ai 1 Km 1 Ferns villa, Majila, Mangalore 575002 Once you send your bio-data you will be enrolled and assigned alpha-numerical mark which will be required for future correspondence. The establishment of a new system will have initial expenses. Kindly donate liberally and all the donations will be listed in the web site and all expenses will also be listed in the web site. After all we will not be selfishness in our behaviour

Author: Bendict fernandes- India