SRS activists barge into St Thomas School over Arabic classes

SRS activists barge into St Thomas School over Arabic classes

Mangaluru: The Sri Rama Sene activists barged into St Thomas Aided Higher Primary School at Padu Bondanthila here on July 30 over the teaching of Arabic language for the students.

The activists alleged that the teachers teach  Arabic to sixth and seventh standard students against their will and that they have received complaints from the locals. Based on the complaints, SRS activists entered St Thomas school and while checking found a teacher teaching  Arabic to students.

The activists demanded that the school follow the education policy in the school since students diverse communities study here. One cannot force the students to study the subjects as the school likes. In DK, there is no Arabic in the curriculum but in this school, teachers forcefully teach these two subjects to the students.

When inquired with the headmaster Melwyn Braggs, he said that the students who are interested in learning French and Arabic, learn the language. We do not force anyone to learn these languages against their will.

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  1. First of all, SRS doesn’t have any authority to barge into a private property. They can protest from outside and voice their concerns. However, there is no room for private property rights violation and any kind of threat.

    On the other hand, it’s quite disappointing to see how one particular minority community has moved from French to Arabic!! These groups make a big deal when someone tries to teach Yoga or Samskrutam. But they have no trouble learning French or Arabic. This unholy alliance between minority groups, sharing a common hatred towards Sanaathana culture, is very troubling.

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