‘Striker’ Shashidhar’s Sources of Income under Scanner

‘Striker’ Shashidhar’s Sources of Income under Scanner

Bengaluru: Shashidhar Venugopal, the president of the Karnataka State Police Mahasangha, is currently lodged in Parappana Agrahara jail, for inciting the police force to revolt by kind of a ‘sepoy mutiny’. He has been slapped with sedition charges.

As reported already, he is not a serving policeman. On the contrary, he had been sacked over 15 years ago for serious misdemeanour while in service.


The police force is barred from forming any union but Shashidhar, being out of service, bypassed the ban and has been running the body. Over the years, under the guise of fighting for police staff welfare, he has won the sympathy of the force. It is still not known as to how he managed to run the body for so long.

Now the city crime bureau (CCB) from here, while pressing the sedition case against him, is also looking into the reported luxury life led by him. Police sources said that he lived with his family in a premium house in Yelahanka township, paying highly exorbitant rent. But his sources of income are not known.

Enquiries have revealed that he has been involved in real estate business not only in Bengaluru but also in other centres. Yet, the police find it hard to believe that he could lead such a high-flying lifestyle from the real estate income alone.

From this angle, the CCB has begun digging deep into his business deals. Some serving police officers are reportedly involved in deals with him. A retired IPS officer is said to have given him useful tips while Shashidhar was planning to engineer a revolt in the force.

In the meantime, a bail petition on his behalf was filed by senior lawyer Dorairaju in a sessions court on Monday. The hearing was posted to June 7. The bail petition states that he had not indulged in any criminal activity, but he had only supported the cause of aggrieved police force.

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  1. Whether or not the person in the news is right or wrong in terms of the allegations that have surfaced, it is interesting to see what happens when you go against the establishment. Every law in the book is used and abused to silence that person. If the person was a law breaker what were the authorities doing so far in the last 15 years.

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