Sullia: Arlapadavu Vet Dr Prabhakar Nayak Drowns in River Payaswini at Aletty

Sullia: Dr Prabhakar Nayak(45), serving as a government veterinarian in Panaje of Puttur taluk over the past 10 years, is reported to have slipped and drowned in river Payaswini at Paladka Peraje of Aletty village here on Tuesday, Oct 13.


Son of Venkatramana and Prabhavati couple of Mundakochi in Kavu, Dr Nayak had gone in his Omni car with wife Pratibha, two sons Preetam and Pranav, two sister’s children to Mysuru as they had holidays. On their way back, they stopped over to visit his aunt in Anjikar near here.

After lunch on Tuesday, he went to the riverside, about 50 metres away from the aunt’s house, with wife and children. He got down into the river to bathe. He kept walking further and further, perhaps without realizing the depth.

Then he suddenly sank in the river, thought to be about 20 feet deep. His wife and children shouted for help. Many people around came running. But he could not be traced.

Local diving experts and homeguards Prabhakar Pai and Haneef arrived and made attempts to find him. His family members apprehend that he may have drowned.

Fire service also joined the rescue efforts soon thereafter But a heavy downpour that followed and darkness after sunset forced them to give up the operation around 7-15 pm. It would continue on Wednesday morning, they said.

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  1. Water and fire and two element where a human being should be very very careful. Needless to say, these two elements and be avoided by a person by his own sense and by respecting it. No matter how good we are, accidents can happen if we are not able to respect these elements. May the departed soul of Dr. Nayak rest in peace and hope the rescue team shall be able to find his body, if he is no more in this world.

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