The Blood Which Is Not Yours

The Blood Which Is Not Yours

A person who is adopted in a family feels sometimes that nobody is their own people because they don’t look alike, they are not of same blood, sometimes the way they think is also different, and biologically we have no connection with each other at all.

You feel very left out in life, you feel very incomplete, you are not allowed to share anything about this to your friends because they may make fun of you, reject you, or pass on your personal matters to others as ‘news’. You feel you have nobody of yours.


Yes, I do agree that this is a day to day life problem for an adoptive person. But I have realized there is much more to think. We should see how much close or attached we are with other persons sometimes and forget about ‘Biological’ and ‘not Biological’ in life.

It just matters how you feel about that person and how that person feels about you.

Yet sometimes you feel like sharing something which is very personal to you. Then just write it on a paper and burn it. You feel happy inside that you told it to someone that is the paper ‘your friend’ and the paper cannot tell your secret to anybody because it is burnt.

Writing does help you in life sometimes.

by Pallavi Dumblekar-Bengaluru

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