Udupi: Beef Row, BJP Stages Protest Against Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Udupi: “Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s statement ‘I will eat beef and no one can stop me’ is an indication of appeasement of one community for votes,” said VHP president Biakadi Suprasad Shetty. He was speaking during a protest organized by the town BJP to condemn CM Siddaramaiah’s statements on eating beef. The protest was organized in front of the Clock Tower here, on October 31.

“CM Siddu’s statement has hurt the sentiments of the Hindu community and it is also an indication that the government is supporting cow slaughter. The curse of the cow will haunt the government. The Hindu community is bound to protect the cow and is ready for any sacrifice. The chief minister should step down for his insult to the Hindu community,” demanded Biakadi.

Yaspal Suvarna, President of DK Udupi Fishermen Federation, said that the government is partially supporting cow slaughter. “The people will teach the government a lesson in the coming days. The CM’s statements shows his mind set towards the Hindu people. Leaders like Siddaramaiah should never be given the CM post,” he added.

Shyam Prasad Kudwa, Harish Ram, Kiran Kumar, Narasimha Nayak, Sandhya Ramesh, Sunitha Nayak, TP President; TP Vice President Ganesh and others were present.

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