Woman Dies after Refrigerator Blast

Woman Dies after Refrigerator Blast

Kundapur: A woman was killed when a refrigerator compressor exploded in her house at Mavinakatte of Gulwadi Village here, on October 3 evening.


The deceased has been identified as Noorjahan (40), a resident of Mavinakatte of Gulwadi.

According to the police, the refrigerator compressor exploded due to short circuit while Noorjahan opened the door. Noorjahan suffered severe injuries and died on the spot. She was alone in the house during the incident. Many other items in the house were damaged due to the blast.

A case has been registered in the Kundapur police station.


    • This is the first time ……. what lead to this explosion? – Drones

      Well, if you direct that question at our Namma Kudla’da TVS/LUNA Yumreeki Rampa he would say:

      1. Sanaaaathaaanaaa Dwesha

      2. Plot by Western Masters (Plot..as in ploy… not ‘land’ yaar… the plot Patent owned by Praveena Pinto ‘opp cojj’)

      3. Somebody kept ‘Fork steaks’ in da ‘Prijjge’. Expanding gases blew it. Ahem!

      4. All of the above.

  1. Noor Jahan R.I.P

    I do not know what to make of this report, am I missing something.

    Apparently, the refrigerator was not new. So how does the opening of the door trigger a short circuit? and that blows the compressor. Even if there was a short circuit, I would think that the coils of the motor would have burnt.

  2. My sincere apologies to the family of this woman on behalf an individual who posted insensitive remarks as if this was some silly incident. Again, there is time and place for everything. Hope he understands his mistake.

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