‘100% Win for ‘Nagumoga’ Mithun Rai’-Temple Priest Shree Guruprasad at the launch of CECO

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‘100% Win for ‘Nagumoga’ Mithun Rai’- Shree Guruprasad, the Pradhana Archakaru at Mukhyaprana Temple, Halekote-Mangaluru during the launch of Congress Election Campaign Office (CECO) located on Bendorewell Main Road, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: Inauguration of DK Congress Election Campaign Office (CECO) located on Bendorewell Main Road, near Colaco hospital, Mangaluru was done on Sunday, 31 March 2019 by religious heads of three different religions, namely Rev Fr J B Crasta-Parish Priest of Rosario Cathedral, Mangaluru; Shree Guruprasasd, the Pradhana archakaru of Mukhyaprana Temple, Halekote, Bolar-Mangaluru; and Abdul Rehaman Sahadi-Katheeb at Jumma Masjid, Kankanady, Mangaluru. This unique and initiative of having three heads of three religions to inaugurate the Office, was for fact that Congress believes in working with unity irrespective of caste or creed, without any discrimination against any community, and for the betterment of all people of all community.

The inauguration of the DK Congress Election Campaign Office was done by lighting ONE traditional lamp by all these three religious persons,, along with former minister Ramanath Rai, Former MLA’s J R Lobo and Moideen Bava, District Congress Committee President Harish Kumar, Former INTUC president M N Adyanthaya, JD(S) leader Dhanraj, former Mayors, Corporators, and party workers. Addressing the gathering Shree Guruprasad said, “Just like the battle between Arjun and Hanuman, I can predict that there will be a 100% win for young and dynamic “Nagumoga” Mithun Rai in the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections. Have faith and trust in God, success will all be yours”.

Fr J B Crasta said, “God is great and therefore we should believe in Him. He is our strength, our protector, our guide, our mentor-and there is no greater person than God. I pray that God bless Congress candidate Mithun Rai and this election campaign office, so that everyone who works in this office do their duties to the best of their
abilities, staying away from malpractices and corruption. Best of luck to Mithun Rai and my abundance blessings on him for his success”. Khateeb Abdul said, “There is no doubt that Mithun Rai is the right person to represent us, and I wish him every success in the forthcoming elections. I pray that Allah would bless him and gain
victory in the elections”.

Addressing the gathering former minister Ramanath Rai said, “Mithun Rai is right young and energetic candidate for the forthcoming LS elections. We should feel proud that three religious heads joined in inaugurating this office, which shows that Congress believes in unity with no religion and community barriers in between. We should live in unity because India is a land of many religion and diversity. We should look forward to harmony, and not disharmony, which our opposition is always into it. These days we see lots of unrest and communal disharmony, and we should try to stop those people who are responsible for it”.

“Our opposition wants Narendra Modi to return back as PM once again. But I ask why? What has he done in the last five years, other than making false promises? Modi promised to bring black money stacked in Swiss Bank, and deposit it into citizens of India bank accounts. That never happened, not even a single paisa of the black money was brought back to India. Modi has been named as the Chowkidar of India. What? He is not the Chowkidar of Indians, instead only of the Ambanis, Adanis, and other multi-millionaires. Why do we need a Chowkidar to protect us or our house? We have been safe all these years, without a Chowkidar. Only the rich can hire a Chowkidar. We should not fall prey for false promises and false speeches. Cast your vote wisely, and make Mithun Rai your right choice. Let’s hope to have Rahul Gandhi as our next PM for a better India, and not a Chowkidar?” added Ramanath Rai.

Congress candidate “Nagumaga” Mithun Rai addressing his mammoth supporters said, “Jai Hanuman! I am extremely thankful to the three religious heads who inaugurated this office and blessed me for success. It’s time for a real battle, and we are ready and want to bring a change by destroying communalism, disharmony and discrimination. This battle will be between hate and communal disharmony. We need to unite together for a change and for the betterment of the country. Just look at the flame of the lamp that was lit by the dignitaries today- in spite of blowing wind from the fans around here, the flame is still alive and burning-this shows that the Congress flame cannot be put out by strong winds or other forces. Congress flame will live forever”.

“Sadly, tomorrow is a black day, when our favourite Vijaya Bank will change its name to Bank of Baroda. But our fight against such move by the central govt in snatching away our coastal bank, and sell it to a bank from North India will not stop. If I am elected I will see that the name board of Bank of Baroda will be replaced again by Vijaya Bank that’s my promise and my fight. I have always fought for the rights of the youth, and I will continue to do it in future too. So I humbly request the support of the youth to make me their leader, and I will work for the betterment of their future and career. Let’s look forward for a change in 18 days from now, let’s make a difference and for the betterment of our District and Nation. Asking for your fullest support, I remain indebted in advance” added Mithun Rai.

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