1000 Transgenders to Come Under Housing Scheme, Refusing to Rent Houses for Trans a Crime- Dr Jayamala

1000 Transgenders to Come Under Housing Scheme, Refusing to Rent Houses for Trans a Crime- Dr Jayamala

Bengaluru: The Minister for Women and Child Development, Dr Jayamala held a meeting with the members and NGOs of the sexual minority community, at the Vikasa Soudha here on July 6.

Members from 30 sexual minority organizations from 30 districts attended the meeting. The meeting focused on fighting against discrimination towards the sexual minority community and overcome social stigma. The state government is planning to introduce a housing scheme to the community members.

Managing Director of WCD Vasundhara welcomed the gathering. Minister Jayamala listened to the grievances of the Transgenders. Some members said that housing was a major problem for most of the transgenders, as most of the time people refuse to rent them a house.

Addressing the community members and also the officials Minister Jayamala said, “I am very happy to be with you and listen to your grievances. I was thinking that women and children are most vulnerable but now I know that you are the most vulnerable among all. The government has given all the rights to women and girls through the women and child development department but the transgender community has not been given enough facilities. Women and children can get justice through WCD but you are still fighting for your rights. I can understand your pain and agony you have gone through without proper housing facilities, employment and respect in the society. Today I am here to tell you that the government is planning to provide houses to 1000 transgenders. We are also trying to provide jobs to 5 transgenders in every district”.

Responding to the transgender’s grievances, Jayamala said, “Whoever refuses to give you the house on rent will be punished. Refusing to rent the house to transgenders is a crime and we will very soon implement an ACT in this regard.

Member of SMC Mallappa said, “The police department should also be sensitized in regard to the transgenders issues since they are also facing a lot of problems from the police. Transgenders who dress like men face severe problems from the police. As I am not able to get any job, I have no other choice than to beg for my livelihood.”

Responding to Mallappa Minister Jayamala said, “I have appointed Parichaya Gowda in my office and she is working well. I have appointed her because I need to instill more confidence in the community. It is a step to bring the community to the mainstream. We will inform the deputy commissioners of every district to provide employment either on contract basis or through outsourcing.”

Jayamala also said, “We are planning to conduct a survey of the transgenders. We have already gathered the names of the community members and a committee will be formed to conduct a survey in every district to find out the exact number of transgenders in the state. In Tamilnadu in the beginning, there were 2000 transgenders and former CM late Jayalalitha agreed to provide them with housing. After the scheme was implemented the number of transgenders in Tamilnadu rose to 1 lakh. It was later decided that all transgenders should undergo a medical check-up to avail housing under the scheme. During the medical check-up, all the fake transgenders were rejected and the earlier 2000 transgenders came under the housing scheme. We will hold district-wise meetings to finalize the list of beneficiaries”.

Principal Secretary Women and Child Development and Empowerment of Differently Abled and Senior Citizens Department Hemalatha and other officials were also present.