14 Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants Arrested in Venur

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14 Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants Arrested in Venur

Beltangady: The Venur police have arrested 14 Bangladeshi immigrants and filed a case against the person who has given shelter to illegal immigrants, on February 22.

The arrested have been identified as Mohammed Jahangir (26), Hakim (27), Alangir (27), Halim (19), Mohammed Haziulla (19), M D Babu (20), Zoharulla Islam (24), Sohidulla Islam (30), Iqbal Hali (19), Sohel Rana (19), Zoharulla (35), Suman Hali (24), Mohammed Momen (20) and Mohammad Kullal (19). All citizens of Bangladesh.

According to the police, Sohel was arrested in Madikeri in connection to a case related to a girl. During investigations, Sohel revealed that his brother Mohammed Jahangir is residing in Kashi Pattana in Beltangady. Based on Sohel’s statement the Madikeri police brought Sohel to Beltangady.

At the same time, the Madikeri police informed the Venur police and together while searching for Sohel’s family arrested all the 14 illegal immigrants.

All of them are working at an under-construction site belonging to Nissar Ahamed. The Venur police have booked a case against Nissar Ahamed who had given shelter to them knowing that they were illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

Beltangady police under the leadership of Circle inspector Nagesh Kadri are investigating the case.

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  1. There are 48 Muslim countries in the world. Why do Muslims want to immigrate to non-Muslim countries and cause trouble?

  2. This is a huge story for many reasons. If there is a single honest soul left in media, he/she would look into this and expose the dangerous nexus between foreign nationals and certain groups. Oh well…

  3. If you are wondering why Bangladesh population is spinning out of control – here is one reason:
    65% of girls get married before the age of 18
    38% of girls get married before the age of 15
    3% of girls get married before the age of 11

    Now, add complete absence of family planning due to religious reasons to this equation!! No wonder they can’t feed their own population. If you think they are going to fix this problem, you are totally wrong. Today Bangladesh govt has gone ahead and relaxed law to allow ‘child marriage’ under special circumstances!! In other words, these numbers are going to get lot worse in coming years. Get ready for more illegals!! I wish our ‘journalists’ had ore curiosity and appetite for knowledge. Oh well…

  4. Kanishmari census now extended from India to Bangladesh by Modi Bhakt. These people are maths wizard when it comes to used condom counting, bone collectors and cigarette butt rubbish cans. When Junior Home minister worried about Hindu population now one more comment worried about Bangladesh population.

    PM Modi’s government which is used illegal immigrant card in Assam election to win now busy citizenship amended act by accommodating illegals of other faith to this country. Some already living in exile for blue book and green bank now worried about the other Muslim nations as if PM Modi’s government is allocated special budget.
    Twitter Trolls among #Super150 Invited by PM Modi
    Ironically, it has divided BJP’s Twitter army, some of whom started targeting the #Super150 who were invited to the PM’s official residence.
    One can easily identify the names which is spreading lies.

    Jai Hind

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