15 Konkani Culture Sculptures Add Glamour to Kalaangann

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15 Konkani Culture Sculptures Add Glamour to Kalaangann

15 Konkani Culture Sculptures add Glamour to Kalaangann Campus at Shakthinagar, in the outskirts of Mangaluru created by 10 senior and 10 assistant artisans from various parts of the state.

Mangaluru: In this present era of cement sculpture, it has grown enormously from realistic to abstraction to a contemporary style. Sculptures are many forms like subject oriented, expressional, traditionally, contemporarily based and much more. Trendily contemporary style is given more significance because of high expressional value. Every concept comprises artist’s view and thoughts on the subject. Site Specific is one among the concepts which is applied more in sculptures nowadays. Site-specific sculptures are the only sculptures which bring the importance of the space from where it emerges and it is installed.

image001Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-001 image002Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-002 image003Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-003 Fifteen days ago twenty artists/sculptors from various parts of the state, under the banner of Karnataka Shilpakala Academy had camped at the Kalaangann campus to create 15 cement made sculptures depicting various Konkani communities and its culture. The art camp is set up under the leadership of camp director ,Gouri Shanker BG -art/sculpture director from Kalburgi district, and Dr Vrupaksha Badiger, a senior active member of Karnataka Shilpakala Academy. There were 10 senior artists/sculptors and 10 assistant artists who have finished making 15 sculptures within 15 days – only some finishing touches are pending. Finally, these cement artworks will be given a coating of bronze paint, already they have been installed permanently near the entrance of Kalaangann (Maand Sobhann)-Shaktinagar, Mangaluru. These artworks look so beautiful, having an artistic value.

image006Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-006 image007Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-007 image008Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-008 image009Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-009


While looking at these sculptures they appear to be so lively, with everyone going “Wow” over the arts. The 15 cement artworks which depict various Konkani communities, were created by 20 artisans deputed by Karnataka Shilpakala Academy was inaugurated on Sunday, 7 August 2016 at 5 pm by Mahadevappa Shambhulingappa Shilpi, president of Karnataka Shilpakala Academy, along with Roy Castelino, president of Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, Louis J Pinto, president of Mandd Sobhann, Eric Ozario-Gurkar of Mandd Sobhann and Indramma H V, registrar of Karnataka Shilpakala Academy.

image011Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-011 image012Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-012



After invoking God’s blessings, Louis Pinto- President of Mandd Sobhann welcomed the gathering. Among the 15 sculptures, include Siddi Dance from Uttara Kannada; Daff of Navayithi community of Bhatkal; a Chariot (Ratha) depicting the famous car festival of Gowd Saraswat Brahmins; Goan Mando dance; Goa’s Zagor Lok Kala ; Gumatta and Baila of the Christian community; Kuddmi Community’s Gummatt, a primitive percussion instrument; Thonniyo, a form of stick dance by Kharvi community of Uttara Kannada and others.

During the occasion, senior artisans namely Naveen Kumar (Hubbali), K Vinayaka(Shivamogga), Muragesh Hirematta (Dharwad), Parashuram R (Belgaum), Kumar KJ, Madhu H, Rakesh R, Somashekaraya I D ( all fromTumakuru), BS Kumaraswamy (Chitradurga) and Basavaraja Hiregowder (Vijayapura) were felicitated for their hard work and dedication in creating these masterpieces. Also ten Assistant artisans were also felicitated namely Revanna Sidappa (Kalburgi), Hanumantha S (Bidar), Kemparaju KG (Tumakuru), Anandkumar(Davangere), BHL Yelukoti (Chitradurga), Kiran Devarshi, Sandeep Kanchagar ( both from Belagavi), Vivek Hoogar (Davangere), Bharath C (Chitradurga) and Santhosh Vaddar (Haveri).

image013Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-013 image014Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-014

Speaking during the occasion, Roy Castelino-President of Karnataka Sahitya Konkani Academy said, “We all need to express our compliments to these 20 artists who have worked day and night in creating these 15 beautiful sculptures. Most of the sculptors have been working hard from 8 am to 10 pm, putting their heart and soul into the statues.

Making such sculptures is not an easy job, it needs concentration, dedication, and commitment . I am sure these 15 sculptures depicting Konkani cultures will surely be liked by everyone who visits Kalaangann. These artisans with all their talents and experience to make perfect sculptures have simply impressed the viewers”.

As per Eric Ozario speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “Before the artwork was started all the sculptors were given the initial description and the sketches of the characters by Mandd Sobhann Gurkar Eric Ozario on July 25 and were provided the necessary raw materials. The initial few days were spent on making the skeleton of the statue using iron rods and later gravels and bricks were filled inside to give the shape”.

image015Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-015 image016Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-016 image017Kalangann-cementstatue-20160807-017

Ozario further said, “The next stage included moulding the statue with cement. We provided all the raw materials needed for the sculptures and basic requirements. Boarding and lodging were provided by Mandd Sobhann. During the process of creating these statues, care was taken to mix the exact amount of sand along with cement. The artisans took all the extra care to make sure that there is a firm and steady hand movement as the cement e-tech which cannot be reversed. These statues have a chance of lasting for 100 years if the curing has been done properly”.

Accommodation for the sculptors had been arranged at Kalaangann by Mandd Sobhann and the sculptors are being paid by the Karnataka Shilpakala Academy depending on their seniority and experience. Since its beginning on July 25, it has been a venue of interest for the locals and passersby as every onlooker spends at least a few minutes observing the new phenomenon or clicking pictures. The function was professionally compered by Vitori Karkal, and the vote of thanks was delivered by Eric Ozario.

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