Udupi: Competition between tolerance and intolerance is at peak – CJ Hanagunda

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Udupi: “he competition between tolerance and intolerance is at a peak,” said C J Hanagunda, member of State Human Rights Commission, Bengaluru. He was speaking after inaugurating the ‘Human Rights Day’ organized by the District Administration along with the District Legal Services Authority at the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Auditorium here, on December 10.

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Hanagunda said, “Human Rights Day should not be restricted to celebrations but the declaration adopted should be followed effectively. Basavanna and Vivekananda are the champions of professing human values. They are recognized at the global platform for their service towards catering human values.”

“The subject of human rights is a matter of discussion in global platforms. Every issue centered with society has scope for discussion of human rights. The protection of human rights is most important. 70 percent of cases filed under violation of human rights are linked to the state government,” he said.

He further said that officials should have concern towards every person who walked into their office seeking help. It was their duty to protect and uplift the marginalized. Addressing problems of people with humane gesture is called service and that plays a prominent part in the protection of human rights.

Globalization is prevailing while humanisation is diminishing. We are needed to mend our behavior and approach for the protection of human rights, he added.

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Dr R Vishal, IAS Deputy Commissioner said that terrorism and climatic change were affecting administration to the most extent. “We need to have humanism, use energy friendly resources and need to efficiently utilize them without harming nature, so that we protect our earth,” he added.

C J Hanagunda administered the human rights day pledge to the gathering. He also said that the pledge will be translated into Kannada.

Shivashanker B Amrannanavar, the District Sessions Judge, also spoke on the occasion.
ADC Chennabasappa; Priyanka Mary Francis, CEO Zilla Panchayat; Santosh Kumar, Additional Superintendent of Police; Dayanand K, President of Bar Council and others were present.

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