Napoli coach praises Higuain as world’s best striker

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Rome, Dec 22 (IANS) Italian football club Napoli’s coach Maurizio Sarri has praised his team’s Argentine ace Gonzalo Higuain as “the best striker in the world”.

“He’s sensitive, and up until now has projected an image which isn’t in line with his character… he’s not only the best striker in the world, but a man with genuine feelings,” Sarri said on Tuesday, reports Efe.

The Italian coach revealed how he motivated his Argentinian player during the last game, in which he scored twice. Napoli won the match 3-1 against Atalanta to lift themselves up to the third spot in the standings with 35 points from 17 matches.

“Gonzalo can be a bit sensitive, and it shows, but it’s enough to touch the right chord. A champion of his ability sometimes just needs to feel close to those around him,” Sarri added.

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