Bengaluru: PMA Holds ‘Bangalore Open Karate Championship’ at Kanteerava Indoor Stadium

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Bengaluru: Phoenix Martial Arts under the leadership of Sensei Keerthi GK, organized “Bangalore Open” National level karate championship, January 15 to 17. under the guidance of KAI (Karate Association of India). The Karate championship was held at Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bangalore and was conducted in accordance with strict WKF rules under the auspices of Shito Ryu Seiko KAI.

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Believably, this is the first time in the history of India such a big competition was organized in the silicon city of India and was a great opportunity to explore the world of Karate, to get inspiration from the National level KAI players, to meet the legends of the Karate family.

Grashmesh Kunder from Kota, Kundapur, who has been practicing Karate for past several years and had won several Karate championships in the past, also participated in this competition.

Grashmesh won the Gold Medal in the male senior individual Kumite – 55 kg category. He is now eligible to compete for Karate Association of India (KAI) in the senior category.

Grashmesh is the son of Gresshma and Chandrashekar Kunder, Kota.

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  1. Heartiest Congratulations to Grashmesh Kunder !may more and more achievements come your way! Congratulations to the family as well .

  2. Here is some constructive feedback for the organisers so that they can work on it and the next tournament can be better.. this was one of the most chaotic and disorganised tournament I’ve ever been to..

    1. exorbitant entry fees of 1000 per event but basic facilities were not provided
    2. Team kumite was 4000 on the invitation but they made last moment change and raised the fees to 5000
    3. Shihan bharat Sharma made an announcement right in the middle of the bouts that wkf rules will be followed strictly which meant that competitors had to wear shin guards instep guards gum Shields chest guards groin guards.. some competitors were disqualified from the ring for not having this gear in spite of paying the entry fees
    4. the moment the announcement was made competitiors started scampering around for equipment and the protective equipment seller who. had put up a stall at the stadium raised the prices as high as 5 imes… example a 20 Rs worth gum shield was being sold at Rs 100 and 400 Rs chest guard was being sold at 1500

    5. though it ws announced that strict wkf rules were followed with regard to. equipment. the fights were only of one minute duration.. which was violation of wkf rules. even before. the. competitors could. realise the fight has started they came to. an end with a blink of an eye.. scoring legitimate techniques was never possible with the one minute flights
    6. the hugely announced grand championship fight with 35000 cash prize was never conducted..
    7. spectators and people freely roamed around on the match arena and the organisers had no control. whatsoever on the crowd.
    8. there were some. great talented fighters but it was a.n unfair deal for. most of them because of the lack of planning and systematic aproach

    most of the competitors were disappointed that they didn’t even get a fair deal… Rs. 1000.entry fee for a fight of 1 minute?? RIDICULUOUSLY HIGH.. the strict WKF rules mentioned in this article was only to increase protective equipment sales.. we could. hardly see any rules applied in the matches

    I’m. sure the organisers will take this feedback which will help them. organise the next tournament in a better way.. and we will see much more happy karatekas

  3. Congratulations Grashmesh…Great achievement. I am proud of you and Kota Kundapur is proud of you. Keep up the good work and my best wishes to you to reach further heights in the coming days.

  4. Well Done Grashmesh. Congratulations for winning the Gold Medal and all the best for the future. You have made our District proud.

    Many thanks to for publishing it.

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