1st in India 3D Planetarium at Pilikula to lift Mangaluru to International Level – MLA Lobo

1st in India 3D Planetarium at Pilikula to lift Mangaluru to International Level – MLA Lobo

Mangaluru: “The government has decided to construct a 3D Planetarium at Pilikula Nisargadhama. In the beginning, we had prepared a DPR of Rs 8 crore but later we collected more information about the 3 D Planetarium and realized the need of Rs 15.5 crore. To finalize the cost of the Planetarium a technical committee was formed under the leadership of Dr Shukre. When we discussed the project with the experts, they suggested constructing Opto Mechanical and 3D digital Hybrid system, which will cost around Rs 24.5 crores. When we finalize the project the cost could reach up to Rs 35.6 crore. Chief minister Siddaramaiah has immediately sanctioned the funds.

Lobo further said, “It is a unique project and a first in the state and country and Mangaluru is the first city to get the 3D Planetarium. In the world, Singapore, Shangai-China, Richmond-USA, Analog-Korea, Calgary-Canada, Bristol-UK, Hamberg-Germany, Tokyo-Japan, and Lodz-Poland have 3D digital Planetariums. We are proud to have a 3D digital Planetarium in Mangaluru because it is a first in our country. By constructing the 3D digital Planetarium we can take Mangaluru to international standard”.
Lobo also said, “The construction work will be done by Roy Constructions and the technical assistance for the Dome will be given by NITK Suratkal. Terra Firma Bengaluru is the designer of the 3D digital Planetarium. The tender has been given to M/S Evans and Sutherland Computer Corporation USA. The 18 meter Dome will be installed in Pilikula. MEGASTAR IIA optical projector from Ohira Tech Japan integrated with Digital and Active Stereo 3D 8K Digital Planetarium System from Evans and Sutherland Computer Corporation, USA. The optical  MEGASTAR Star Projector creates a beautiful realistic star field, along with the bright naked eye visible Planets, Sun and Moon. The 8K Resolution Digital System uses five Christie Mirage Projectors seamlessly blended together using E and S auto alignment and auto-blending systems that will keep the imagery looking expertly aligned”.
Lobo further said, “This beautifully bright, ultra high-resolution system will extend the scope of the creative and scientific programmes that can be presented and will offer the audiences the first 3D full dome experience in India. The system uses active stereo 3D glasses for exceptional 3-dimensional images that leap off the screen, creating a whole new level of immersion, which is enhanced even further by the 5.1 theater surround sound system making it the first Planetarium in  India. which combines 5.1 sound with 3D vision. The unique capabilities of the system, the Digital cloud Library, Dome casting, show builder, the Digital STEAM library, and Ease of use, combine to provide unequaled capabilities for immense dome experiences”.
The 18-meter diameter projection dome is Nanoseam process, spitz changed this approach by making every Panel flush with its neighbours Instead of overlapping Panels one atop another, every inch of the projection surface is completely uniform, scams completely disappear under projection conditions. This adds depth and realism to the projection.
“The construction work of the  3D Planetarium will be completed by September end. In October we will have a trail run and end of October we will have the inauguration ceremony of the 3D Planetarium. We will also organize Planetarium Conference in Mangaluru.  A week-long Planetarium festival will be organized at Pilikula”, said Lobo.
Arun Coelho, Praveenchandra Alva, Sabitha Misquith and others were also present.

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  1. What a fantastic news to realize that Mangalore will have a 3D Planetorium at Pilikula by September. This is certainly a beautiful flower on the bonnet of fast progressing Mangalore. Pilikula is the ideal place indeed so that when people visit Pilikula Zoo and other outdoor sight seeing, visit to Pilikula will be a great attraction to the growing public. Mangalore is certainly advanced in every aspect of our thoughts and imaginations. Mangalore has the dynamic society that will benefit a great deal from the Planetorium, and especially the younger generation will benefit the most. Hundreds of schools and colleges will find a reason to take their students to Pilikula in a group so that side by side they can also visit the 3D Planetorium. Most importantly, Mangalore now has a great crowd of elites and could easily afford to pay the required premium to get the admission. This is a benefit not only for Mangalore but also the neighboring states to send their younger generation to Mangalore. This is a added attraction for the rest of India as well.

    Thank you, Mr. Lobo, for all your initiatives. This is a right step in the way of progress for Mangalore. Let the people become the ultimate beneficiaries of the progressive world rightly available in their backyard, and let Mangalore be the forefront of advancement in our intellectual as well as social progress in every step of the way.

    We are proud, and we are very pleased indeed.

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