2016 Summer Picnic celebrated MCA-EC style

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2016 Summer Picnic celebrated MCA-EC style

It is said that a picnic celebrates Summer like no one else can, let me correct that, MCA-EC celebrates Summer like no one else can. And so for those who were hankering for that kind of summer picnic, MCA-EC had it covered. On June 18th, MCA-EC had their Annual Summer picnic along with 180+ people in Duke Island Park, Somerset NJ.


The picnic started at 9:30 AM local time with Shyna, Monthi and Violet handling the registration activities. Looking at them, reminded one of an accountant ensuring the books at the end of the month are accurate and up to date.


The Emcee’s for the picnic, the very multi-faceted Arun Menezes and Miriam Rego took charge of conducting the events for the picnic. They started off with a very interesting synergy game “I now know another Mangalorean”. This was basically an ice breaker to help get everyone acquainted with each other. They were truly instrumental in taking the picnic from plain to perfection.

image002MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-002 image004MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-004

This was the first time ever, MCA-EC had setup on site food stations. What was the outcome? Hot, freshly made delicious appetisers which included pakoras, vada pav and sheera provided by Bombay Express and also not to forget Sugarcane juice freshly prepared on-site. MCA-EC brought the chaat corner streets of India right here in New Jersey.

image005MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-005 image006MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-006 image007MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-007

A lot of games held for all ages, right from the tiny tots to the senior citizens were organized. If you had to look from a helicopter, the entire ground would look like a mini carnival, with so many people scattered different areas of the park playing different games. There was not a moment of boredom. Each and every corner of the Park had some activity going on. From the gents having their cricket tournament at one end to the ladies having their throw ball tournament on the other. From kids aged 3-4 having their games on another end, to the teenagers having their slice of fun on the opposite end. Details of all the games, volunteers and winners are listed below. Check out if any of your relatives / friends won a trophy.

image008MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-008 image009MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-009 image010MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-010 image011MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-011 image012MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-012 image013MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-013 image014MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-014 image015MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-015 image016MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-016

Bernie Pinto-Dsouza, the current President of MCA-ECA, who is also the first Lady President of the Organization, introduced the other new members of the Executive Board in a well thought of, apt, and manner, which was well received and applauded by the entire crowd. The new members of the Board are:

Bernie Pinto-D’Souza – President
Anita Pinto – Vice President
Violet Monis – Treasurer
Melvin Mendonca – Regional Coordinator
Sydney Lasrado – General Secretary

image017MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-017 image018MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-018 image019MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-019

All the precious moments of the picnic were captured by the very hardworking duo of Christopher Monis and Paul Quadras. They made sure that not even a single moment is missed and hence were seen running from pillar to post to capture that perfect shot.

And how can one not have Mangalorean’s favourite game, when they organise such large scale event. Yes, that’s right, HOUSIE was played as well. Wesley Tauro (Gurkar of Divine Mercy) went around selling tickets for the same, whereas Victor Sequeira (Gurkar of BhagevonthKutam Vado) conducted the Housie.

image020MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-020 image021MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-021 image022MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-022 image023MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-023

Sister Gretta who is the Spiritual Director of the group said a small prayer blessing the food for lunch as well as prayed for all the Daddy’s, since June 19th is celebrated as Father’s Day.

The most sophisticated Flash Mob choreographed by the very graceful Premila Mendonca and Juanita was an expected surprise. The groovy dance steps and peppy music along with the well-synchronised moves brought a surprise as well as a smile on everyone’s face.

image024MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-024 image025MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-025

Bernie handed out to the winners of all the games, tournaments beautiful medals, trophies, rosettes and certificates. They were all showcase worthy. Also, the previous Board Members, Advisory council members and Ex-gurkars/gurkarns were felicitated as well.

The purpose of life is not to be happy – but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have made some difference that you have lived at all. That is what the volunteers at our MCA-EC event showcased. Their sheer passion for assisting and ensuring that the organization event went without any hiccups is highly appreciated and admirable.

image026MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-026 image027MCA-EC-picnic-20160619-027

This event was a First in many categories, First for the new Executive Board, the First Lady President, a First time OnSite preparation of snacks, the First Flash Mob. Thanks to all the people who showed up from all over the East Coast -New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland. MCA-EC strongly believes in promoting culture and connecting people. There is no special MAGIC needed to do the same, all that is needed to ensure that a community thrives is to have unity within the same, and that was demonstrated in each and every member who attended the picnic today.

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Ages 3-4
Game 1

Bucket and Balls

Volunteers : Premila and Josline
Winner : Raphael D’Souza

Game 2
Ring the Bottle

Volunteers: Premila and Josline

Winner : Ashton Serrao

Ages 5-8
Volunteers : Saritha and Simi

Game 1
3-legged race

Winner: Nichelle Pinto

Game 2:

Winners: Roshan Rego, Shannon Dcunha, Nathan Mendonca

Game 3:
Sponge Relay:

Winners: Jovin Serrao, Luke Menezes, Nishelle Pinto

Ages 9-12

Merlin and Anita D’Souza

Game 1
Left and Right Sack pop

Winners: Caroline Barboza, Melanie Mendonca, Miguel Mascarenhas, Kiyasha Mascarenhas

Game 2
Passing the Bangle

Winners: Melody Pinto, Miguel Mascarenhas

Game 3
Sack race

Winners: Miguel Mascarenhas and Aaron Lewis

Ages 13-18

Game 1
Slippery Soap Relay

Winners: Meldon Mendonca, Jonathan Pinto and Nadia

Game 2
Sack race

Winners: Arvin Sequeira and Meldon Mendonca

Game 3

Winners: Darrel Dsouza, Jonathan Pinto

Senior Citizens
Volunteers: Reena Saldanha and Arine Aranha

Game 1:
Chopstick and Marshmallow game

Winners: Vivian Kamath and Barbara Kamath

Game 2:
Back to Back and Knees to Knees Game

Winners: 1st Prize Felcie D’Souza and Ida Sequeira
2nd Prize : Darrel D’Souza and Eva Pinto

Volunteers: Melvin Mendonca and Anita Pinto

Winners: 1st Prize – Eric Fernandes, Gary Bhandarkar, Merlin Mendonca, Arvin Sequeira, Antony Serrao and Harry Pinto
2nd Prize – Royston Rodrigues, Steffi Rodrigues, Stephen D’Souza, Edmond Fernandes, Wesley Tauro, Arlene D’Cunha

Scavenger hunt

Winners: Jonathan Pinto, Caroline Barboza, Melanie Mendonca, Shyna Quadras and Abigal Soares

Cricket Tournament

Wilbur D’Souza, Melvin Mendonca, Christopher Monis, Harry Pinto, Kevin D’Costa, Ivan D’Souza, Edmond Fernandes, Savio Suares, Martin Baretto, Sydney Lasrado, John D’Souza, Stephen D’Souza, Lloyd Fernandes

Throwball Tournament

Saritha Lobo, Monti Quadras, Fabina Saldanha, Reena Saldanha, Sr. Gretta Fernandes, Asha Rodrigues, Steffi Rodrigues, Florine D’Souza, Diana Menezes

Click Here for Photo Album

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