2019 Is Just About Here, How Prepared is the Gaming Industry?

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2019 Is Just About Here, How Prepared is the Gaming Industry?

Games got quite big in the year 2018. We saw around a 5X rise in mobile gaming with a higher number of game downloads and budget-friendly data availability. But all this is for 2018. What’s that we can get absolutely excited about in 2019? Here are some of the things that you can expect in the upcoming year.

Raising the bar

This year the gaming market is expected to reach a value of $138 billion. This has only been possible due to the advancement of the multiple types of software and applications that are available to support just about any game.

What we can now expect is raising the bar of these games. The gaming experience on the console and PCs is one step up as compared to mobile games. But that’s what we say when we talk about this year. However, some preconceived notions have already been bunked with the biggest trendsetter games like Fortnite and PubG, breaking all records in mobile games this year. In fact, they are the most trending and popular games in India for the year 2018. What worked for these games is that there’s no compromise when we talk about graphics and the gameplay experience. What we can definitely look forward to are similar games that give the feel of a console but are available on your mobile. With the forthcoming release of 5G, we can only expect the mobile networks to go to a completely new level.

The New Alternatives to Mobile Gaming

When we think of mobile games, the first concepts are social games like Candy Crush. But that’s not where it ends. New technology discoveries bring forward new favorites for the players. What has seen significant growth this year are the different types of online card games. Audiences love to play rummy online, along with other online slot games. Interactive casino games have also been quite popular this year.

Most of the online card games are now preferred to be enjoyed on the mobile, giving access to their services to a large customer base. The games need to move in speed and the mobiles today can work as fast as any given laptop out there. So, even though social games remain big on mobiles, it is the interactive skill and strategy games that are drawing the crowd.

AR and VR comes to age

When we talk about technological developments the concepts of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) along with voice control are seen to be growing at a significantly fast pace. There are new discoveries that are constantly getting integrated both in the gaming and in the mobile gaming world. These are areas that is expected to change the game industry in 2019. This year saw some games making it big and of course what we can expect going forward is further new games coming up with similar concepts. The mobile industry is all set for the release of 5G with smartphone models like Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 already on the launch pad. The gaming industry will also see custom gaming phones, that is committed to make playing on your handset an absolute breeze.

Move Away Prime Time Television

Indians have always loved their prime-time TV shows. But, now that’s also all set to change. As per recent research, what we have seen is that most gamers are playing games from 7 PM to midnight. This is a direct clash with the prime-time hours. Consumers, want to unwind and relax with something that they find stimulating and what comes as a direct solution is mobile games. With a fast internet connection, players can just go for a rummy game download or just about any other preferred game and you start off right away. You play with real players and the thrill of winning crosses beyond any finale scene of a TV show.


There is a lot we have achieved when we talk about digital games in the year 2018. Whether it is popular games like PUBG or mobile card games or even the EA games, they have all been trendsetters in their own zone. Fast paced internet connection, smarter mobile phones, and dynamic games are all set to change the game zone in 2019. Even though console games are going to be there and players are going to invest in gaming PCs, what is there to give tough competition are the mobile games.

What we can see happening in the upcoming year is the consumer spend in the mobile game zone reaching over 60% across all platforms inclusive of PC, console, Mac, handheld, and smartphones. With the concept of playing on the go, these are the games that are here to stay, capturing the attention of the players of today.

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