2019 LOK SABHA ELECTIONS: Will it be Modi’s way or the Highway?

2019 LOK SABHA ELECTIONS: Will it be Modi’s way or the Highway?

  • The euphoria has died down. The hype of 2014 has evaporated. The glorious mandate was given by the people thinking of a golden era under Modi’s rule are totally devastated. Are reeling under shock.
  • The 15 lacs in every Indian’s account has yet to reach anyone.. Black money still to be recovered. The ‘ Acche Din’ are not been seen all these years…. Bure din were there since he took office…still continuing….has become bad to worse.

The Demonetization fiasco, the GST high rates initially, the great escape of Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi…the Banks in great debts with NPAs rising, The false assurances by Modi and unfulfillment of pre-election promises. All these have dented Modi’s popularity.

The Indian electorate feels they have been cheated…Only JIO Digital life is raking in millions..!! Also, some ten noted Industrialists are laughing all the way to the banks. Adani is one among them along with The Rafale tainted Anil Ambani!

The Congress rule started getting into trouble since 2011. L K Advani was very aggressive, attacking Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh. He led the BJP from the front and gave the PM’s chair in a platter to Modi, who had the fame of ruling Gujarat state for 15 years and the Godhra issue on him.

As soon as Modi hugged the PM’s chair Advani was sidelined. He has become a very tiny figure among all other functionaries.

Nobody ever thought that a man who led the ‘Rath Yatra’ and Babri Masjid demolition has been reduced to a caricature of himself. The same gentleman who got 88 seas in 1989 from the only 2 seat BJP bagged in 1984 post-Indira Gandhi’s assassination is nowhere to be seen today.

Was it wrong on Modi’s part to sideline Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Yashwant Sinha and try to become a Dictator? But, with no knowledge in National Politics has been his weakness or the Dictatorial ways he functions with party colleagues.

Surprisingly, Modi criticized the mighty Sharad Pawar and his party ‘NCP’ and called it National corruption party. But, he has come to Baramati to inaugurate one of the Agricultural outfit founded by Pawar and his family and inaugurated a Bhavan as well!!

How this about turn took place?

He calls Pawar his Guru. Since when this Guru Shishya relationship started? He initiated court proceedings against Ajit Pawar and his ministers regarding the irrigation scam through Maha CM Fadnavis.

But no one has been arrested and nobody and his Grandmother know where are the case papers?? Who is leading the inquiry commission and what stage the case has reached? It has been four and a half years….still nobody has been arrested. Except the inimitable….irrepressible Lalu Prasad Yadav…but his case was pending since 12 years….and the Congress regime had initiated the proceedings…so Modi can’t take credit for it!!

The Robert Vadra case, Augusta Case resurfaces only before any assembly elections of states. Otherwise no proceedings on the matter!!

The three Hindi belt states have given a fitting reply this time to Modi’s BJP and heralded a new era for Rahul and his young and old team.

That means it’s time for Modi to wake up and smell the coffee.

But still, the Congress mukt Bharat Andolan of Modi has bit dust!

Was it a wrong move….! There needs to be an opposition party in a democratic setup. Similarly, there are Democrats and Republicans in the US, the Labour and Tory’s(Conservative) in the UK. Each comes to power like a musical chairs round same like the Jayalalita’s and DMKs of the Tamil land.

Each one has accused the other since 20 years and has returned to power every five years…..The point here is ….now what if Modi mukt BJP will be seen after 2019 Lok Sabha Elections??

There is no foreign investment …FDI…FII…significant enough to mention. There are no jobs.

The electorate has woken up like never before….But Modi is still roaring and attacking the Grand Alliance. The alliance may break and turn into small mutually benefitting groups say SP, BJP may be together. The other smaller parties will also create their own groups.

Chandra Babu Naidu has been silenced post-Telangana elections and his Bete noire KCR has started dancing!

There could be a hung parliament. Then if BJP needs allies nobody trusts Modi and Amit Shah. The way they tried to sideline Shiv Sena their major ally and Hindutva partner.

Modi and Shah insulted Uddhav Thackeray many a time after their 2014 elections victory. That made them go separate ways for Maha assembly elections and secure 63 seats. Then again as it happens in India they jointly formed the government post the assembly elections. Then onwards Shiv Sena chief has been attacking The Maha government led by Phadnavis and Modi, Shah Duo and their daily acrobatics!

So again the 1966 born first Indian Hindutva party was sidelined by Modi. Again a very wrong way of treating an old ally.

BJP was born in 1982 with great efforts from Maharani Vijayaraje Scindia, Vajpayeeji, Advani, Jan Sangh and the RSS. It was hence called the Sangh Parivar.

Incidentally, Modi survived because of Bala Saheb Thackeray. Post the 2002 Godhra kand, Advani, Vajpayee consulted Bala Saheb. They wanted to sack Modi because the party had suffered greatly.

But, the Sena Supremo stated that if Modi was to be sacked, the BJP will lose Gujarat permanently. This made the then top order of BJP to continue with Modi and the same man attacked the Sena after his elections victory in 2014. Isn’t it surprising?

Isn’t it a wrong calculation? Shiv Sena has gone from strength to strength. BJP is pleading them for an alliance, but Sena is firm.

Eventually, they may come together but, will be a hard bargain for BJP leadership.

Sena chief has already stated that they may go solo which will benefit them. They have strongly criticized Modi for inaction in Ram Mandir creation. Uddhav has also visited Ayodhya last month.

All this will lead to Modi and Shah bending on their knees to this ally and other allies.

The great beneficiary from all these Modi’s fiascos would be the ever-smiling chela of Sharad Pawar. Mr. Nitin Gadkari!!

The Sena chief has already proclaimed that in 2019, there will be a Marathi manoos PM!

Only there has been no Marathi PM till now. Karnataka had Deve Gowda, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Up all had their PMs. Maha is still waiting. Sharad Pawar tried in the 90s but lost the battle.

Gadkari could be the compromise candidate of a post-election alliance of parties who will support the BJP but only Modi Mukt alliance. Yogi of UP also shoots his mouth and never consults Modi or Shah on any issues.

Now, what will the Congress leadership do…..maybe continue in the opposition. Or form the government with the Maha Ghatbandhan??

Where that will leave the mighty Maha politician Sharad Pawar?

He will definitely try his might for the last time as He is already 76 years old and will never get a chance again.

So the outcome of the next Lok Sabha elections which is just 98 days away will be a hung parliament with heavy horse trading.

The coming days will ensure that voters will be given all kinds of assurances, bombarded with new promises and hounded upon by all parties.

The only better thing is the Voter has learnt his/hers lessons and has become very wise this time…..!






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  1. Voters cannot be said to have learned any lessons and therefore wisened if they keep alternately choosing between the black pot(miscellaneous brands), the black pan(miscellaneous brands) and the fire (there being no other choice;NOTA not being a person).

    Voters have to take the initiative to educate themselves so that they can choose wisely, instead of just gambling (like purchasing a “lottery” and hoping to win) their lives away by choosing between politicians and their parties which use different names but are essentially same/similar in character and which use “policies” which are carrying India toward disaster for the last 71 years.

    For solutions to the problems we are facing, I recommend reading “Breaking free of Nehru – Let’s unleash India” by Sanjeev Sabhlok https://bfn.sabhlokcity.com/ (it is generous of him to have made it available for free download so that even those who cannot afford can read it).

    For sometime, there was a progressive political party called “Loksatta” led by Dr. J.P.Narayan but around 2014 they have jumped off the political band wagon as they cannot compete with the “big-bucks political parties” and because in Dr. JP’s own words, “ Indians are still not ready for change”.

    Essentially almost all Indians are/have been turned into “freeloaders , cripples dependent on the govt. to think for them and religious zombies” living off State funds & corrupt to the core and they wish for the status quo to continue .

    If India does not reform (shunning socialism, communism and immediately delinking religion, tradition, culture from governance of the State) then India is soon going to go the way of :


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