23-year-old Youth Hacked to Death by Friends at Maroli

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23-year-old Youth Hacked to Death by Friends at Maroli

Mangaluru: A 23-year-old youth was been hacked to death by a group at Maroli here on February 19.

The deceased has been identified as Pratap (23), a resident of Maroli.

On February 18, A group of ten persons came in search of Manikanta because of a clash between Manikanta and the accused. While the group was trying assault Manikanta, Pratap who was a close friend of Manikanta came to his rescue.

While some in the group namely Sagar, Dinesh, Mithun and others were trying to assault Manikanta, they hacked Pratap to death and fled from the spot.

It is learnt that all the accused were involved in Ganja peddling. They were formerly members of the Hindu Jagarana Vedike and were expelled since the Vedike does not support such activities.

A case has been registered in Kankanady Town Police station.

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  1. All these previous Hindu Jagarana Vedike members
    certainly are hard core criminals, if they can hack
    a person to death, obviously pre-planned and well

    Such people can never be law abiding and God

    Now let’s watch and see when the Law will hang them
    to death for causing death and for selling drugs.
    After all, they must be served with their beliefs – An Eye
    for an Eye – otherwise if they had fear of God, they would
    never hack a person to death.

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