Mangaluru: Two Incidents in City Confirm an Alarming Rise in Chain-snatching Activity

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Mangaluru: After a break of some months, there appears to be an alarming rise in chain-snatching incidents in and around the city.

All this time, only lonely women walking in secluded places were the targets. On Saturday, a male resident of Kadri temple new road was relieved of his gold chain early in the day.

Dinesh Shet had a routine of plucking flowers from the plants next to his house compound for the purpose of daily puja at home. As he was busy doing so, two men arrived in a motorbike, sped past him and then turned the bike back to ask for directions to go to Marigudi and also about the nearest filling station.

In good faith, Shet began giving details. One of the men grabbed the gold chain from his neck. As Shet resisted the attempt, only the pendant remained in the miscreant’s hand but chain remained safe.

The value of the gold pendant is said to be Rs 4,000. A case has been registered in the east police station.

In another incident, three unidentified men slowed down their bike as Girija Shetty, a resident of Kotekani, was on her morning walk on Saturday.

One of the pillion-riders snatched a gold chain from her neck and all of them sped away immediately. The chain with pendant was valued at Rs 65,000. A case has been registered at the Urwa police station. The public have been cautioned against wearing expensive ornaments while being alone in public.

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