2nd Anniversary Bash of Bejai Senior Citizens Welfare Assn was Youthful & Funful

2nd Anniversary Bash of Bejai Senior Citizens Welfare Assn was Youthful & Funful

Mangaluru: Following close on its heels after Milagres Senior Citizen’s Welfare Association, Mangaluru organized their Annual Celebration at Eden Club, Mangaluru on 15 January 2019, where a large number of senior revelers joined in the Fun & Frolic, now it was the turn of Seniors Citizen’s Welfare Association-Bejai, which hosted a similar kind of II nd Anniversary Bash on Tuesday 12 February 2019 at Bejai Church Hall from 9.30 am till 3 pm, were nearly 350 parishioners from various parishes in town joined in the revelry, and made the best use of their “YOUTHFUL LIFE”- who said they were “SENIORS”?.

And Valentines’ Day just two days away, many of these young and romantic at heart revelers came attired in their best red color and colorful dresses, some of them dressed to thrill! They all proved that Age is Only a Number”, and rest is all history, when you can still do what youngsters can do. They all showed up with great enthusiasm, determination and spirit, all looking forward to have nice jolly-good celebration-and they all did, just like they did when they were teenagers looking at all these energetic and enthusiastic revelers in their “Out of Date” youthness, one could say that you are not too old to have some fun and frolic at any time of your life on this planet- and these revelers are the examples.

Even though they were in their 60’s, 70;s or 80’s, they still looked like they were in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. That’s the beauty of getting old! Guess what kind of diet they are on to remain fit and healthy- and still rockin’! While the present young generation is very attached to the electronic world, engaging themselves all the time browsing through Internet, chatting on their smartphones or sending communication through SMS’s, but these old-timers are the living computer of the yesteryears. To these “Young Revelers” I say, “Don’t think you are old, always think you are young- and make the best use of the remaining years of your lives to the fullest, enjoying all the fun and frolic that come across”

The celebration began with a prayer song followed by a welcome address by Juliet Mascarenhas. The chief guest for the occasion was Fr Robert D’Souza- Principal, Lourdes Central School-Bejai, and the guests of honor were – Fr Wilson D’souza- the Parish Priest, and Fr Vinod Lobo- Assistant Parish Priest of Bejai Church. Fr Robert D’Souza in his witty speech praised the “Young Seniors” for their determination and energy even at their golden age, and encouraged them by saying that help is always there for them from his side anytime they need in their activities or their lives, since he has been watching their activities every now and then.

“Who said that you all look old because you all like you are still in your sweet sixteens. Like they say that One American survey had said that you are called as Kids between 1-17; Youth between 18-65; Middle-age between 65-85; and only after 85 plus you are senior citizens. Therefore age is just a number, which is always true. It’s nice to see that you all enjoying the still remaining young age of your lives, and make the best use of it. Remain healthy and active, and keep smiling and stay away from depression or sadness, even if your children are abroad, which makes you feel lonely; and when they are reluctant to keep in touch with you, you get sad. Keep your worries apart and be happy” added Fr Richard.

There was a “Traditional Dress Contest”, where six couples attired in various traditional dresses walked around the stage to be judged as who among them will be the best- and three judges for the contest were- Olga Noronha and Rosanna Mendonca-both retired lecturers; and Yours Truly (Alfie D’souza) of Mangalorean.com. There were also spot games like “Adam & Eve” (judging who had the most grey hair among men and women) , ” Smartest Looking Seenager”; “Who had a large number of recent currency notes under Modi Sarkar”; among many others.

And the STAR Attraction of the day was 105 years old “Grandpa” Michael D’souza of Urwa Parish who will turn 106 this October, and he was honored with a fabulous gift and roses for being the Senior Most Citizen among the audience, and he also won the prize in the “Person having more White Hair” spot game. “For he’s a jolly good fellow; He can laugh out loudest at them all; He’s a jolly good fellow; But that jolly good fellow’s world’s about to fall”-and that is Michael, who still drives a car at 60-70 kmph on a highway. Long live this Young Man!

106-year old Michael D’Souza being felicitated

As they say “Love is Blind”- and since we are nearing to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the stage was transformed into a romantic destination, where 66-years old multi-talented and “Runner-up in the recently held Mrs India-Mangaluru Beauty Pageant” Juliet Mascarenhas, the president of Bejai unit danced with her heart-throb 26-year-old Andrew Lobo from Bendore. The moves and swings took the audience into awe and the dancing couple received a loud applaud. It was indeed a befitting tribute to Valentine’s Day, where there is no age limit between lovers or couples.

After a photo session with the dignitaries on the dais, the formal function ended with vote of thanks by Connie Saldanha Jt Secretary- and Maizee D’souza-Secretary had read the annual report of the association. Treasurer Eric Coelho read the expenses report. Vice President Ronnie Fernandes and Ozwald Rodrigues- the convener, were the comperes of the event. The fun didn’t stop here, it was just the beginning- it was time for some entertainment, games, fun and frolic. Stage entertainment was performed by Milagres Unit, Angelore Unit; while the Bejai unit- gave a performance named “Wedding of Kathrina Part II (the life after marriage of Kathrina) which received loud applause. The prizes for the winners in the contest and spot games were donated by Austin (former Gurkar of Kadri ward) and Winnie D’souza of Bejai parish. The formal function ended with a sumptuous lunch, followed by a Housie Housie game- and winding up with baila dance session.

In conclusion, in my perspective, “Old is Gold!” and for that matter, Age is Only A Number. We don’t believe age is any more than a mere number. Not with these smooth party “young” ladies and men on the floor. Look at them go! Even in the glorious age of white hair and senior citizen benefits, their inner children are not only alive and well, but they’re also shaking things up to… literally. They are getting with the groove, boogey-ing, dancing well, singing oldies, and having some fun and frolic. All this and much more talents unleashed by the lovable, cute and enthusiastic young “Seniors” was witnessed by everyone who joined in the fun and frolic today.

As they say that “Ageing is not ‘lost youth’, but a new stage of opportunity and strength”- there is no age limit when you are capable of having some fun and want to party- even senior citizens know how to party hard and have fun and frolic. With these “Young” revelers comprising of Mamas/Papas, and Grandmas/Grandpas, the venue simply reverberated! And I end this column with a song perfectly matched for Young Seniors to remain “Young Forever” :

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