A 4-in-1 Celebration! Monti Fest-Teacher’s Day-Ganesh Chaturti-Onam at MCCS

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A 4-in-1 Celebration! Monti Fest-Teacher’s Day-Ganesh Chaturti-Onam at MCCS

It was a Four-in-One Celebration Day at Mount Carmel Central school-Mary Hill, Mangaluru- where Monti Fest aka Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary, Teacher’s Day, Ganesh Chaturti and Onam was celebrated on 7 September 2016 at the Mother Veronica Golden Jubilee Hall.

Mangaluru: Like there is a funny saying ” To save Water, take Shower together?”- in the similar manner to save time, energy, electricity and other Expenses, the management and staff of Mount Carmel Central School decided to celebrate Four occasions during one single day comprising of three hours, on 7 September, 2016 at the Mother Veronica Golden Jubilee Hall.

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“Monti Fest” aka Feast of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary is a major Mangalorean Catholic festival on September 8 every year. This festival celebrates the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Mangalorean Catholic community involves blessing of Novem (new crops).The festival derives its name from the Monte Mariano Church at Farangipete in DK, and was initiated by Joachim Miranda, a Goan Catholic priest at Farangipet in 1763. Though Tippu Sultan destroyed the churches of Canara, he spared Monte Mariano Church in deference to the friendship of his father Hyder Ali with Father Miranda. Monti Fest originated at this Church on 8 September 1763.

Onam is the biggest and the most important festival of the state of Kerala. It is a harvest festival and is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm all over the state by people of all communities. According to a popular legend, the festival is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali, whose spirit is said to visit Kerala at the time of Onam. Onam is celebrated in the beginning of the month of Chingam, the first month of Malayalam Calendar (Kollavarsham). This corresponds with the month of August-September according to Gregorian Calendar.

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Ganesha Chaturthi is the Hindu festival celebrated in honour of the elephant-headed god, Ganesha. This is a very auspicious day celebrated to pray to the god so that every new activity that is started is successfully completed without any obstacles. Celebrations are traditionally held on the fourth day of the second fortnight (Shukla Chaturthi) in every month and is also know as “Vinayaka Chathurti”, but the biggest annual celebration in the month of Bhaadrapada in the Hindu calendar, usually is August or September. The festival is celebrated by families at home, by people at their places of work and in public. The public celebration involves installing clay images of Ganesha in public pandals (temporary shrines) and group worship. At home, an appropriately-sized clay image is installed and worshiped with family and friends. At the end of the festival, the idols are immersed in a large body of water such as the sea, river or a lake. The clay idols disintegrate over time in the water.

Teachers’ Day is a special day for the appreciation of teachers, and may include celebrations to honor them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the community in general. The date on which Teachers’ Day is celebrated varies from country to country. Teachers’ days in different countries are distinct from World Teachers’ Day, which is celebrated on 5 October. The idea of celebrating Teachers’ Day took root in many countries during the 20th century; in most cases, they celebrate a local educator or an important milestone in education, while India has celebrated the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (5 September) since 1962, malthough Hindus, Jains and Buddhists have been honouring teachers by celebrating Guru Purnimasince centuries. This is the primary reason why countries celebrate this day on different dates, unlike many other International Days.

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On September 7, 2016-The celebrations began in the morning with the Holy Mass at 8.30 am at Mary-Hill Chapel. Prior to this day, the Catholic students had novena prayer daily from 31st August in preparation for the feast of Mother Mary’s Nativity, during which they honoured Mother Mary with a flower each. The tiny tots of Nursery and Kindergarten had the privilege of hosting the programme for Nursery to class III. The programme commenced with a prayer song, followed by a dance to welcome the gathering. All these festivals have vegetables as their main dish. This was beautifully brought out by the kids through a rhyme on vegetables and their bright colours.

Onam is the most important festival of the state of Kerela. The little ones dressed in white and gold presented a folk dance highlighting the importance of this festival. The traditional method of harvesting was shown through a dance, which captured the attention of the audience. The naughty yet lively children expressed their love for their teacher’s conveying the message through a dance that, ‘to the world she is just a teacher but for the students she is a “MOTHER”. September 8th is also observed as the Day of Girl Child. The children though small gave the message to love and respect all girls and to save girl child , which touched the hearts of all gathered. Children honored Mother Mary on her birthday by singing and dancing to the tune of HAPPY BIRTHDAY and offering flowers.

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Sister Melissa the principal while wishing everyone a happy feast of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary gave the message of the day saying “these religious festive celebrations help us to live in love unity and brotherhood. We belong to different religions but we are all Indians.” After the programme the tiny fingers of KG children with the help of their teachers filled in the designs of the beautiful flower carpet ‘Pookalam’ at the entrance of the school hall with colorful flower petals. This was followed by the programme for Classes IV – X hosted by Class VIII A and B. The programme commenced with a short prayer followed by welcome speech by Deeksha Kamath. A breath taking welcome dance was presented by a few students.

Nikitha Saldanha,Levin Moras, Deepa Robert,Shreya K.and Zeenath Ilhaam, Samruudi Prasad, Zeesha Mohd. Jahid touched upon the significance of the Feast of Nativity of Mother Mary, Ganesha Chatturthi, Bakrid and Onam with the help of a power point presentation. A harvest dance was performed by the girls depicting the farmers’ happiness on the first harvest. The importance of the girl child was highlighted through a skit. After the folk dance by the boys, the students sang ‘Let Us Mingle Together’ melodiously. The girls added colour to the celebration through an enthralling dance performance. Senior teacher Mrs. Silvia Fernandes in her message spoke about the importance of all the four festivals and the significance of universal brotherhood.

Guru Vandana 2016- It is said, “A Teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams”. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day the School Cabinet along with the students of class VIII –XII organized a unique programme entertaining all the teaching and non-teaching staff. Round of games were conducted by class XII for all teaching and non-teaching staff on the school grounds. Games such as Needle and Coin, Dumb Charades were played which was enjoyed by all the teachers. It was an afternoon off for them from all their work, to rejuvenate themselves by having fun and relaxation.

The cultural programme was organized by students of class VIII-X for all the teaching and non-teaching staff. It was a subtle blend of music, drama, dance, mime etc which left the teachers enthralled. Spot games were also conducted at intervals to the staff to showcase their talents. It was a great and memorable day for the teachers as well as the students. The Students got a chance to express their love, respect, gratitude and affection towards their mentors and the teachers in turn appreciated the hard work and creative performances of the students.

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The programme was compered by Lisha, Rhea, Roshna and Florida of Class X. Prithika Correa proposed the vote of thanks. Saanvi Mohan and Abdul Kader Sahal also compered the programme.

Administrator of MCCS, Sr. Carissima AC speaking to Team Mangalorean gave the message of the day by saying, “Let us celebrate with joy the birth of the Virgin Mary, of whom was born the Sun of Justice…. Her birth constitutes the hope and the light of salvation for the whole world…. Her image is light for the whole Christian people. Added to this theme of joy on this Marian Feast is that of light because with Mary’s birth the darkness is dispersed and there rises in the world the dawn that announces the Sun of Justice, Christ the Lord. Today, as we celebrate the birthday of Mary, let us all dedicate ourselves to her more, and seek her help ever more, and following in her footsteps let us all live righteously in the sight and presence of God. Mary is a great example to all of us, and a great source of inspiration, as well as our greater intercessor before God. Let us change our lives for the better, and commit ourselves to do what the Blessed Virgin Mary had done in her life, keeping faith and righteousness in everything we say and do.”

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