45 new corona cases in Taj city, tally reaches 241

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45 new corona cases in Taj city, tally reaches 241

Agra: A record 45 new COVID-19 positive cases in a day sent alarm bells ringing in Agra. The tally now stands at 241.

Each day the graph is rising proving that the lockdown is not being implemented effectively, say health activists.

The state government on Saturday in its report, included Agra in “performance unsatisfactory” list.

Two senior doctors of the S.N. Medical College were suspended.

Of the 45 new cases, 27 contracted the disease from hospitals, five came in contact with Tablighis.

The total number of the Tablighis under treatment is now 80.

The health department officials said 20 patients had recovered and returned home, while the number of deaths so far is six.

One elderly Tablighi Alla Noor, 65, from Delhi who was being treated here succumbed Saturday afternoon.

Covid-19 test reports reached from Lucknow to Agra city administration late Saturday evening.

A compounder of a prominent bone mending specialist was found Covid-19 positive. The doctor’s whole family has been put under quarantine.

A vegetable vendor in the Free Ganj area, after testing covid-19 positive forced 2,000 people of the locality to go for quarantine.

Meanwhile, the police on Sunday enforced restrictions and tightly sealed the 49 hot zones. Movement of vehicles has been completely halted. So far 650 cases have been registered against violators. FIRs have been pasted on main doors to shame these people.

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