5 Training Programs Every Company Must Have For Its Employees’ Development

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5 Training Programs Every Company Must Have For Its Employees’ Development

In today’s extremely competitive world, it has become increasingly necessary for businesses to maintain the most adaptive and flexible workspace which is certainly not an easy job. However, a lot of companies have realized the fact that every employee’s development is directly proportional to the success of their businesses.

As a matter of fact, companies nowadays don’t hesitate to invest in their employees’ development. Also, there are many training programs for employees available and here is our list of the 5 training programs every company must have for its employee’s development.

Leading Teams

The Coursera’s “Leading Teams” course is a brilliant course with a 4.7 start rating created by the University Of Michigan. In this course, an employee can learn almost every single thing that one can possibly think of pertaining to leading a team from building a team, improving teamwork and collaboration, setting team goals, building structures to managing decision making, handling conflicts within the team, building trust among the members and more to have a consistently brilliant team performance. From the point of view of any Company, investing in this course is certainly worth it as it’s surely going to help a Company get increasingly closer to its objective with various teams working at high levels of productivity.

Time Management & Productivity

With a star rating of 4.0 and over 10,000 enrolled users, the “Time Management & Productivity” Course of Udemy is the ultimate course for every Company that is looking forward to bringing about an excellent elevation in the productivity and efficiency of the employees. Time is a crucial factor nowadays which is why in no case, it should be wasted. This course is a perfect entry into the amazing world of time management and productivity. In this course, an employee can learn a great deal about productivity from learning to differentiate among the various tasks in terms of priority to keep a close track of the various things wherein one’s time is being wasted with the help of easy to follow lessons, videos, articles, customizable templates, and examples.

Introduction to Project Management

Business Projects have turned pretty complex nowadays and it certainly needs a great deal of Project Management skills to execute projects successfully. The “Introduction to Project Management” course with a 4.5-star rating by edX is a 6 weeks course that teaches practical ways to comprehend any project requirement in terms of its goals and the factors that may affect its execution. Most importantly, this course teaches ways to manage a project from beginning to end that comprise a whole lot of aspects of planning, scheduling, cost, communication, managing people and more. Investing in this course will certainly worth your while no matter your Company is small or big as this will certainly help you find the most competent Project Managers for your Company Projects.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (POSH)

It’s hard to imagine a Company without employees in it and for a Company to excel, it’s important for the employees to feel safe and comfortable at their workplaces. Sadly, things might get unprofessional sometimes at workplaces to an extent of sexual harassment of an employee. An employee might get sexually harassed by another employee or even by the boss. In fact, there are cases of sexual harassment of employees from all over the world. However, in most of the cases, the victims don’t really have any idea as to how they can go about it and eventually; the harassment continues to find its way, day after day.

The BCP Associates POSH ICC training, “Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment” is an excellent initiative to train the employees on every single way they can fight off Discrimination or Sexual Harassment at workplaces. The Course educates the employees about the various POSH compliance as well as legal actions that can be taken against any sexual harassment or discrimination at workplaces. Also, one can go through the POSH E-Module. From the Company’s viewpoint, investing in this POSH IC training can be pretty effective in reducing the possibilities of discrimination and sexual harassment at workplaces to a massive extent. Also, POSH IC Orientation will serve as an added advantage for a Company and it will minimize the penalties if ever an employee files a harassment lawsuit against the Company. Feel free to contact us anytime for any POSH Enquiry, Bangalore.

Performing Under Pressure

Pressure can even get the most skillful person on one’s knees sometimes and it certainly is quite hard to handle. From a Company perspective, it can be considered as the worst hurdle in the way of its success. Of course, there’s no denying the fact that some people are quite gifted to handle pressure almost with the greatest ease but not everyone’s the same. Lynda’s “Performing Under Pressure” course by Eddie Davila helps employees get mentally prepared to maintain their cool in the most challenging situations. It helps them learn to handle pressure with confidence. The course comprises identifying pressure, managing pressure to preparing for high-pressure situations in the future.

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