Happy Birthday Mai

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Happy Birthday Mai

Alice Fernandes

Mom, on your birthday
We celebrate you being you,
Our extraordinary mother.
You have made such a difference,
created so much good in our life!
We celebrate your smart mothering,
your clever, creative methods
of gently molding your beloved child
into your vision of us:
a strong, capable adult,
an unselfish person of good character.
We celebrate your boundless
physical and emotional energy…
loving us, leading us, supporting us,
lifting us when we fall.
On your birthday, Mom,
We celebrate the best thing about our life…
having you as our mother.
Please, Lord, protect our mother,
And keep her safe from harm,
For she is a cherished person,
With great wisdom, love and charm.

Lord, it’s our mother’s birthday
So please, help her to see
How much she means to us,
Her loving family.

Wishes from
Vincent / Ivy, Allen, Vanissa & Arnold (Dubai), Lancy / Sunitha & family, Joseph /Flavy & Ashley, Janet / Roney, Ruth / Cowan & Orpha (Dubai), Violet / Joseph, Ronak & Astel (Mangalore), Maxim & Family, Felcy / Rocky, Robin, Ronston and Roydon, Rajesh/ Sunitha, Tanya, Tanisha & Sylvin, Ramcy / Latha / Ian & Aaron, Roshan / Divya/ Aiden and Arica, Kiran / Sushma & Adline Nia

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  1. Dear Alice Aunty,

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Praying for your good health. God bless you.

    Philo & Henry

  2. Dear Mai,

    All of us at the D’souza family from Wellington wish you a very happy and prosperous birthday. Special love from Erica and Joslyn. We hope and pray that you live a life filled with good health and happiness. God bless you.

    Robert & Doreen

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