‘90% of MRPL Staff Speak Hindi & Only 10% speak Kannada’- Youth INTUC on Outsourcing Jobs…

‘90% of MRPL Staff Speak Hindi & Only 10% speak Kannada’- Youth INTUC on Outsourcing Jobs…

‘90% of MRPL Staff Speak Hindi & Only 10% speak Kannada’- said Youth INTUC on Outsourcing Jobs to people out of Mangaluru and Karnataka

Mangaluru : While Labour Day was observed on 1 May, and not happy with the way that employment is provided to the locals in big companies in Mangaluru/DK, legal adviser of Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) Youth Wing Dinaker Shetty said, “It’s indeed sad to note that apart from Mangalore International Airport, locals are not given jobs by several mega companies in town like MRPL, MCF, NMPT, SEZ, MESCOM, KSRTC, Police Departments and many others. Due to this our local youth are trying for jobs in the Gulf and other parts of the country. If you walk into MRPL, about 90% of the workforce will communicate with you in Hindi, and you’ll have to look around for the other 10% whom you could communicate in Kannada or Tulu. Even the top posts in this company are held by people from North India, and you’ll hardly find anyone local or Kannadiga in higher posts. Even contract work at MRPL is outsourced to outside firms, other than locals”.

“When Mangaluru has been named as the educational Hub, where our local youth study and come out in flying colors in their studies, but when they are ready to seek jobs at local companies, they don’t get a chance. Not even 10% of jobs are reserved for our locals. Even for clerical post and other official posts in the District Court, our locals are not entertained. In this regard, the Mangalore Bar Association has brought this perceptible anomaly to the attention of administrative judge from the High Court, who has assured of suitable action. In order to raise our voice in this regard, we have formed “Dakshina Kannada District Horata Samithi” and a mega rally is planned on 25 May 2019. And on this day, we will also create awareness among graduating students and other youth by organizing a conference, thereby urge the company heads to consider hiring locals for posts in their companies” added Shetty.

Dinaker Shetty further said, “On 25 May we will also demand that the minimum wage of Rs 13,500 approved by the central government be considered for workers/laborers. Unfortunately, not many workers don’t even have the information about this scheme of the government. We would pressurize the concerned authorities to implement all these schemes effectively so that the working class of people could benefit out of it. We need support from the locals in our fight to get jobs for our local youth in local big companies. We want the companies doing business in Mangaluru, to give jobs FIRST to our local youth, and then to outsiders”.

Members of Youth INTUC, Dikshith Shetty, Chiranjeevi Anchan, Dominic Jason, and Savan Kumar were present during the press meet.

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A good article and a good realization to mangloreans, if big companies continue outsourcing then one day mangloreans will start moving to other cities with their families. As i am a manglorean i moved to pune for job and now i am settled here. Always looking for an opportunity to come back to tulunadu 🙁 .