‘A Forefront in Cancer Care’ Mangalore Institute of Oncology hosts ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Programme’

‘A Forefront in Cancer Care’ Mangalore Institute of Oncology hosts ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Programme’

 ‘A Forefront in Cancer Care’ Mangalore Institute of Oncology in association with Rotary Club of Mangalore Sunrise, hosts ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Programme’ on Saturday, 9 November 2019 from 9 am -1 pm at 1st Floor of MIO.

Mangaluru : Breast cancer awareness is an effort to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of breast cancer through education on symptoms and treatment. Supporters hope that greater knowledge will lead to earlier detection of breast cancer, which is associated with higher long-term survival rates, and that money raised for breast cancer will produce a reliable, permanent cure. Breast cancer advocacy and awareness efforts are a type of health advocacy. Breast cancer advocates raise funds and lobby for better care, more knowledge, and more patient empowerment. They may conduct educational campaigns or
provide free or low-cost services. Breast cancer culture, sometimes called pink ribbon culture, is the cultural outgrowth of breast cancer advocacy, the social movement that supports it, and the larger women’s health movement.

The pink ribbon is the most prominent symbol of breast cancer awareness, and in many countries the month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even though October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as they say “Better Late Than Never”, Mangalore Institute of Oncology, Kankanady Pumpwell-Mangaluru in association with Rotary Club of Mangalore Sunshine organized “Breast Cancer Awareness Programme”on Saturday, 9 November 2019 from 9 am-1 pm, on the 1st Floor of MIO.

With a Mission-To provide affordable, high quality services for early detection and cancer treatment with utmost ethics; and with a Vision-To be state of the art cancer care hospital of International repute, Mangalore Institute of Oncology (MIO) is a comprehensive cancer center with the latest technology, a good environment and run by the best professionals in the field. Their oncology team consists of highly experienced multidisciplinary oncologists, nurses, physiotherapists, counselors and other paramedical personnel. At times, the battle against cancer is complicated for the patient and their family, but through it all, MIO is always there to offer the best treatment with empathy.

The MIO team works hard to deliver the best cancer care every day and for every patient in the best conditions available at Mangaluru, and they are aided by a state of the art technology and proven innovative therapy to achieve optimal clinical outcome for complicated and advanced cancers. MIO is a comprehensive cancer hospital including state of the art Rapid Arc Linear Accelerator, PET-CT, state of the art Laminar flow OT, Hepa Filter rooms for acute leukemia with experienced oncologists and dedicated nursing care. and day care chemotherapy treatment.MIO provides the best and affordable care for patients requiring hospital stay at this premises, and has state of the art major and minor operation theatres dealing with the entire range of surgical oncology cases with well equipped post operative care facility and surgical ICU.

MIO commitment in cancer care means that they strive to bring up-to-date advances in oncology and medical technology along with highly trained staff and patient-centered physicians. Their state-of-the-art facility has major and minor operation theatres, post operative care beds and surgical ICU. Their other facilities include casualty, isolation room for critical care patients, private and family-friendly patient rooms that are designed for comfort and privacy and they also have semi private and general wards. Started in the year 2011 by Dr Suresh Rao, today after eight years MIO is at the Forefront of cancer care, and has provided dedicated service to their patients.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Programme began with invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song by Ms Ashwini and group, followed by Welcome address by Dr Suresh Rao- Head and radiation Oncologist, where speaking on Breast cancer said, “To check Breast Cancer, the breast self-exam is a right way to check your breasts for changes, such as lumps or thickenings. When breast cancer is detected in its early stages, your chances of surviving the disease are greatly improved. The more you examine your breasts, the more you will learn about them and the easier it will become for you to tell if something unusual has occurred. Self examination is simple and requires only 10 minutes of your time. Therefore, Breast cancer can be cured, if detected at early stage”.

The programme was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by chief guest Rtn PHF Geethananda Pai- Asst Governor, Rotary International Dist 3181 Zone II, along with Dr Suresh Rao, Dr Jalaluddin Akbar- Consultant-Surgical Oncology at MIO; Dr Ms Prathima Rao- Oncologist and Director-Administration, MIO; and Rtn Manohar Kadri- President of Rotary Club of Mangalore Sunshine. Addressing the audience Dr Jalaluddin said, “Due to our present lifestyle and diet, even at younger stage women can get breast cancer, so it is wise to do a check up at early age. Many of the most important risk factors for breast cancer are beyond one’s control, such as age, family history, and medical history. However, there are some risk factors one can control, such as weight, physical activity, and alcohol consumption”.

Chief guest, Rtn. PHF. Geethanand Pai addressing the audience said, ” Under Rtn. PHF. Joseph Mathew District Governor for the year, Rotary has Two District Projects for the year- one is Save a life – Program on first Aid, Cancer Awareness Program & the second is- Jeevan Sandhya – Care for the Aged people on Old Age Homes. Congratulations to MIO &
Rotary Club of Mangalore Sunrise for honoring the District Project by conducting this Breast Cancer Awareness Program. More than 12,11,700 Rotarians through 36,000 Rotary Clubs globally doing a yeoman Services to the Mankind since 1905″

Rtn Pai further said, “Rotary has played a vital Role in eradication of Polio. When Pulse Polio was initiated in 1985, over three lakhs cases were reported, but now in 2019 only 33 cases were reported, and that is too only in two countries. India has been declared as Polio free country since many years. Rotary International President Rtn. Mark Melony has a wonderful theme ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD. We are connecting the World with lots of meaningful Social Projects which benefits the Society in large. We would like to get associated with MIO in future, towards service to the society”.

A video on Breast Self Examination and Awareness on Breast Cancer was released by the chief guest, and was shown to the audience. The vote of thanks was proposed by Rtn Manohar Kadri, and the programme was professionally compered by Rtn Eulalia D’souza, former president of Rotary Club Mangalore Sunrise. Following a short break, Dr Suresh Rao
spoke on “Early Detection and Breast Self Examination”, while Dr Jalaluddin spoke on “Life Style and Causes for Breast Cancer”.

In conclusion, Currently there is not sufficient knowledge on the causes of breast cancer, therefore, early detection of the disease remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control. When breast cancer is detected early, and if adequate diagnosis and treatment are available, there is a good chance that breast cancer can be cured. If detected late, however, curative treatment is often no longer an option. In such cases, palliative care to relief the suffering of patients and their families is needed. But in the meantime, awareness
programmes like the one conducted today, also help in a big way to prevent Breast cancer.


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