A Good Samaritan! Traffic Cop ‘Putta Rama’ Dubbed ‘Big Rama’ for Fixing a Hazardous Pothole

A Good Samaritan! Traffic Cop ‘Putta Rama’ Dubbed ‘Big Rama’ for Fixing a Hazardous Pothole

Mangaluru: Ever since Dr P S Harsha took over the charge of Police Commissioner of Mangaluru, he has been very kind and courteous to his police personnel when they do a good job, but in the same time, He has been tough on Bad Cops, by taking severe action on them. And here once again, the Top Cop has appreciated the community service done by a traffic constable, and praising his efforts he has dubbed the Cop “MY HERO OF THE DAY”!

Responding to a video gone viral on social media, where a traffic cop is seen fixing a pathetic pothole, Police commissioner responding has said, “I congratulate my man for having gone beyond the call of duty and doing public service. We need more such people. For his kind service, I will be felicitating him personally in my office on Monday”. He even dubbed Puttarama as “My Hero of the Day”, and it should be noted that Dr Harsha since taking charge as Police commissioner, has been recognizing selfless acts of the police personnel in the city police commissionerate.

Here is the story- Police Constable Putta Rama, employed at Kadri East Police Station, on Saturday filled up a jarring gap at the edge of a concrete road and a pothole that had formed beside it near Bunts Hostel Circle junction, and the video which went viral on social media had won the hearts of the citizens, including his seniors. The pothole in question is at the place where free left is permitted for vehicles coming from Jyothi Circle side, and proceeding towards PVS junction. (The pothole fixed is right in front of a Bonda Shop and a laundry).

In the 160-second video, Putta Ram is seen unloading mixed soil from a truck onto to the pothole, while a labourer is also seen in the video, helping him in this task. Recalling yet another incident, where yet another colleague of Putta Rama, by the name Revanna Sidappa, also from Kadri East Police station, was commended by police commissioner for fixing a protruding metal piece using a hammer, that potentially was a safety hazard for the lives of motorists and pedestrians, which was on opposite side of Bunts Hostel road proceeding towards Jyothi Circle.

A Good Samaritan! Traffic Cop ‘Putta Rama’ Dubbed ‘Big Rama’ for Fixing a Hazardous Pothole

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Speaking to media, ACP (Traffic) Manjunath Shetty said, “It is a particular situation for the personnel who are forced to undertake such quick-fix repairs, to ensure smooth flow of traffic at bustling junctions. I commend the service of Putta Rama, and also others who have done good community service

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Commendable effort. But these quick fixes won’t last a few days! Better to put cement than mud. That should be done by officials. People representatives should take the initiative. Except a few, most people representatives of all parties are sleeping.