A Tree So ‘Hollow’, It’s Crash May Soon ‘Follow’?

A Tree So ‘Hollow’, It’s Crash May Soon ‘Follow’?

Mangaluru: In spite of many incidents occurred in town, where age-old trees have come crashing down on vehicles, walls, shops etc, due to the negligence of MCC or other district administration officials not taking any quick actions even when these trees show signs of danger to the public, motorists or nearby businesses. And here is yet another example where a tree in front of LIC building, next to RTO office has developed hollowness at the bottom. And chances are that anytime due to a heavy hailstorm or high blowing winds it may come crashing down on the vehicles parked below it, specially auto-rickshaws, or maybe even pedestrians or nearby shops.

The tree has developed so much hollowness on both bottom sides, that people are using it as a garbage dump. It’s so hollow and deep, you can stuff in half of your body into it, as demonstrated by one of the auto-rickshaw drivers (see pic in the article). When you peep deep into the tree hollow, you’ll find all kinds of candy wrappers, Pan Parag wrappers, empty cigarette packs etc thrown into it by the people who visit the RTO or the LIC office. Is that what Swachh Bharat or Swachh Mangaluru is all about?

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Mohammed S, a auto driver who parks his vehicle at the auto-rickshaw stand right around this tree said, ” We have complained about this tree to the MCC officials, and even the officials at RTO so that they too can pressurize MCC is looking into this dangerous tree, which may anytime come down crashing on our vehicles parked here. Sometimes when it blows heavily, we are very much worried, about our vehicles and so we quickly move our vehicles in order to avoid any damages to our vehicles or any injuries to us. We are extremely thankful to Mangalorean.com for highlighting this safety hazard issue so that the concerned could take the necessary action before this tree tumbles.”

A shop owner nearby said, “If you look at the bottom of this tree, it is absolutely hollow. The whole tree is on the support of this hollow bottom part, and you never know, due to heavy thunderstorms or high winds, the tree may crack right at its bottom and fall on vehicles, or pedestrians nearby. Without wasting any more time, MCC or any other concerned authorities should take action before any disaster strikes.”

In conclusion. big trees need space for branches and roots too. Now there is a need to review, conduct a census of trees within the city, decide how many are safe, how many are to be pruned, how many need felling. This is the responsibility of MCC. I am sure they will fail to realize until they are hauled up by the ourt. During road construction, trees are damaged. Once they become weak and are held loose, one small thunderstorm would make their posture changed from vertical to horizontal. Drilling of bore-wells around city in all corners is another reason for same thing. And regarding this tree which has a weak hollow bottom should be immediately looked over by MCC and take necessary action as soon as possible.