A Wall Hanging for my Dada

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""Name : Chriselda Lewis
Date of Birth : 6th February, 2002
School : The Kindergarten Starters, Dubai,  UAE
Father : Christopher Lewis
Mother : Mary Lewis

Chriselda loves colouring, solving jigsaw puzzles, playing the piano, dancing  and singing. She takes classes in Classical Music and wants to participate in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa one day. Her favourite film is Baby’s Day Out.

Who is the bestest dada in the whole world?

I did this little wall hanging on my dada’s birthday and he was very happy that I did that on my own 🙂 You can also give something similar to your dad on Father’s day, and I am sure he will be very happy too.


Here is what you need to do:

Materials required :

1 No Thermocol Plate
Orange Crepe paper
Coloured Sketch pens


Take the plate and colour the edge with red sketch pen. Using sketch pens draw a picture or write a message. Take the crepe paper and cut petals and stick on the side. Make a hole on the top and pass a ribbon and you can hang it on your wall for everyone to see how proud you are of dada 🙂

Happy Father’s day to all the dada’s out there.


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