AAK’S fun-filled Family Day out a Grand Success

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AAK’S fun-filled Family Day out a Grand Success

Kuwait: Agnesian Alumnae Kuwait (AAK) organized a fun-filled Family Day Out on Friday 4th November 2016, at Ahmadi Garden – a great place with a lovely setting of greenery, little away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

It was heartening to see families arriving with great enthusiasm. Kids filled the place with joy and giggle all set to have great fun time. In solidarity with the “Breast Cancer Awareness” campaign, all Committee Members dressed in their lovely Pink attire, looking ravishing. The Family Day Out started with a prayer by AAK Committee Member – Merlyn D’Mello, invoking God Almighty’s blessings and thanking him for the wonderful day and beautiful weather. Followed by it was the recital of St. Agnes College Anthem by the Members present there.

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Lydia Misquith – took over the event by warmly welcoming the AAK Family and guests. The event was inaugurated for the day’s sporting activities by current AAK Committee Members letting out Pink Balloons in open air. President Diany Coutinho addressed the gathering and mentioned the dual motto of AAK, which is financially supporting the deserving student of its Alma-Mater back in hometown and strengthening the bond between Ex–Agnesians residing in Kuwait, by creating a platform to exhibit their talents through various activities.

Exciting and fun filled games were conducted to engage and electrify the entire day – like balloon between legs race for Committee Members, Musical Arms and Passing the Cap game for Kids of 0 – 6 years, Ball Throw for Women and Men, Water-Filled Cup Race, Chilly in the Bottle and Sack Race for Kids of 7-12 years, Fixing the Bindi game for Senior Citizens, Dodge Ball for Women and Men, Breaking the Pot for Women and Men. The overall Incharge for games was Leena Fernandes and she was actively supported by all Committee Members throughout the day. All announcements were excellently handled by Lydia Misquith and Merlyn D’Mello. The lunch time was announced as Shanthi Fernandes recited the Grace before meals.

All enjoyed and savored the sumptuous and delicious Breakfast and Lunch served.

For the afternoon session, Lydia Misquith and Leena Fernandes conducted the much-loved Housie Housie game. The special attraction of the day was Paper and Pins Dress-Up game which was synchronized with the theme – Breast Cancer Awareness. Participants of the game were grouped into 3 and were suggested to pick and dress a model with the props given to them, also they were to come up with a suitable Name. The winners were AAK Pink Warriors, who spoke about Breast Cancer Awareness, as indicated here – ‘Pink Warriors’ is the voice of an organization that spreads multitude awareness about breast cancer. Pink Warriors is a genuine nonprofit organization founded by two breast cancer survivors. They aim to provide a strong support system for those battling this deadly illness and reach out to survivors who can lend words of encouragement to the newly diagnosed individuals with a support that they are not fighting this alone. They gather all their life’s experiences and nurture huge awareness, raise funds through charity events – including participation from international celebrities, thus making it a great platform for inspiration, awareness, and financial assistance to lowly and poor and invaluable resource to those seeking help.

Further as a felicitation to support to the Management Committee Members, a Members Raffle Draw was also conducted.

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Vincent D’Silva captured beautiful moments of the entire event. Reshma Lobo thanked all for the support and participation. Prizes were distributed to the winners of various games. Thank you goodie bags were distributed to all kids present.

Stella Fernandes led into the final concluding prayer thanking the Almighty God. The event was successfully and systematically coordinated by Leena Fernandes along with the support of Management Committee Members. The picnic and its success wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable input and continued support of each Office Bearer and Committee Member. Each did their best to put up a successful event which was enjoyed and appreciated by all present.

May God doubly bless the ones who went an extra mile to raise the AAK flag fly high. It is not the quantity but quality that matters!! We thank those who spent their day with us and commend the lovely ladies of AAK for yet another memorable day ….

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