Abu Dhabi: BWF hosts Grand Iftar Get-Together

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Abu Dhabi: The Bearys Welfare Forum (BWF), a well known social organization in the UAE respected for its philanthropic and charitable works, organized an ‘Iftar’ get-together at the India Social and Cultural Centre, on Friday, 3rd July, 2015 amidst prominent personalities, Padmashree Dr B R Shetty, MD, NMC Group and Mohammed Kunchi, Manager, Shanthi Prakashana Mangalore.


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Rafeeq Krishnapur along with Jaleel Gurupur compered the programme.

The programme started with the recitation of the holy Koran by Aitham Hameed and translation by Jaffer. After breaking of the fast and evening prayers, a short stage programme was held and all the dignitaries were given Ramadan compliments and wishes.

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Janab Mohammed Kunhi, manager of the well known publication of Karnataka ‘Shanthi Prakashana, Mangalore’, a famous orator and khatheeb of Masjidul Huda Thokkotu, was the key note speaker. He addressed the gathering about the importance of fasting in vedic books. “Fasting is celebrated by different religions in different ways. Fasting purifies human beings physically and mentally by abstaining from all kinds of evils and instills spiritual values in the human mind. Today, we live in a society which is filled with evil. Vulgarism, fornication, immoral and filthy acts are widespread. Fasting can abandon them and transform a man completely and enable him to lead a virtuous life,” he said.

BWF General Secretary Abdulla Madumoole welcomed the gathering and briefed the audience on the importance of the holy month of Ramadan and briefly introduced the guests. He thanked each and everyone for accepting the BWF invitation and for their gracious presence on the occasion along with Dr B R Shetty, Dr Viqara Azim, Sarvotham Shetty, Shekar Shetty, Siraj Ahmed, Mohd Asif, Altaf Khatib, and Althaf NPCC.

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President Mohammed Ali Uchil welcomed the prominent guests on to the dais, and expressed his gratitude for accepting the invitation and for joining them for the Iftar get-together. Mohamed Ali Uchil put forward the charitable causes initiated by BWF, which were successfully conducted in Mangaluru, especially the mass marriages of 82 poor girls, and appealed for generous help from members to conduct these successfully. He also thanked all those who donated for various causes which helped many under-privileged people to live a dignified life in the society. He highlighted BWF projects like distribution of wheel chairs, and empathized on the BWF pilot project – Shouchalaya, a unique project to construct 100 toilets for the poor in the society irrespective of caste and religion in the various parts of the twin districts. He especially expressed his gratitude to the Chief Guest of the day Dr B R Shetty and Sarvotham Shetty, Shekar Shetty, and Siraj Ahmed, Asif Ahmed, Althaf Khateeb and Althaf Ahmed of Sahibaan community and other donors for their constant support from the beginning of BWF.

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He thanked BWF-executive committee members for their hard work, dedication and effort to organize this function and bring in to its complete success and spirit. “It’s an incredible achievement for BWF, which managed to accomplish so many tasks to its utmost goal set, and God willing all of its project will be a complete success.” He congratulated them for their innovative ideas, hard work, sincerity and dedication towards the community causes which helped in the formation of BWF and in its growth. BWF has completed the construction and has handed over 100 toilets; 100 more are on the pipeline.

He also briefed on the planed BWF Mass Marriage-2016, which will be held during the 1st quarter of 2016 in Mangaluru. The total projected cost will be Rs 50 lakh for the marriage of 25 girls.

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Padmashree Dr B R Shetty conveyed his Ramadan wishes to all and praised BWF for arranging the huge gathering of community members and for its charitable work. He addressed the gathering with highly advisable words and declared his full support for all BWF Charity projects.

Janab Mohammed Kunhi, Sarvothama Shetty, Shekar Shetty, Dr Viqar Azeem, Altaf of Saiban Community, Abdul Rasheed, and Suhail Kudroli also lauded BWF for the community service and selfless work towards the common people and under-privileged.

Hamza A Khader Vice President of BWF delivered the vote of thanks. The programme was coordinated by Mohamed Siddik (Kaup- Treasurer BWF), and Joint Secretary Siddik Uchil along with Abdul Majeed Kuttar. Abdul Jaleel Gurupur, Imran Ahmed, and Ismail Shivamogga. Mohd Kallapu and Basheer Bajpe along with Abdul Hameed Gurupur and Nazeer Ubar took care of the floor management and managed the event with a professional touch. Abdul Majeed, Haneef Ullal, Nzaeer Ubar, Mohideen Handel, Majeed Athoor, Irfan Ahmed, Rasheed Bijai, Abdul Majeed Athoor, Rasheed V.K., Nawaz Uchil, Jafar Sadik, Basheer Uchil, Imran along with BWF youth were instrumental in the success of programme.

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  1. Al hamdulillah, Masha Allah. It was huge gathering to this party. Program arrangements and events are beautiful. It was impressive and much needed talks from Dr. B R Shetty and Mohammad kunhi. May Allah accept.

  2. Masha Allah,grand iftar met,nice food,higly informative religious speech.Kudos to Bwf
    nice photo by Ismail Saab

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