Abu Dhabi: EIFF Holds ‘HubbuRasool’ Programme on life and message of Prophet Muhammad

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Abu Dhabi: The Emirates India Fraternity Forum-Abu Dhabi sector organized a program for expatriate Indians on the life and message of Prophet Muhammad (SWAS) at Air Lines Restaurant Hall, Abu Dhabi on 9 January, 2015 on the occasion of Rabi-ul-Awwal month.

The programme began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Rasheed Bejai. The programme was graced by the presence of Siddik Mulki, Majeed Aladka, President of EIFF Abu Dhabi Sector, Adil Shamshuddin, Trade Unit Head, Hilal Bank and Iqbal Pandeshwara.

Majeed Aladka, in his welcome address gave a short presentation about the Emirates India Fraternity Forum (EIFF) and its recent activities such as blood donation and free medical check-up camps, dispatch of dead bodies to India, sports meets, etc. He explained about the assistance to the needy in finding jobs and legal assistance. He also touched upon the importance of the holy month of Rabi-ul-Awwal and also on various social schemes conducted by EIFF.

Siddik Mulki, in his key address spoke on the “guidelines from the life of Prophet (PBUH) in present situation” and stressed on the importance of the teachings and life style of Prophet Mohammad (SWAS). He narrated that before the birth of the Holy Prophet Sall-Allahualayhiwasallam, not only the Arabian peninsula, but also the so-called civilized nations were drowned in the darkness of ignorance, superstitions, oppression and unrest. The Holy Prophet, Sall-Allahualayhiwasallam, came with the eternal truth of Tawhid (Oneness of Allah), the only faith which provides a firm basis for the real concepts of knowledge, equity and peace. It was this faith which delivered humanity from ignorance and superstitions and spread the light of true knowledge all over the world. He is a role model in all aspects for all mankind and his entire life should followed by all Muslims.

He mentioned several instances quoted in the Holy Quran and Authentic Adhiths from the life of the Prophet in which the latter demonstrated immense kindness, forgiveness and restraint while dealing with companions and fellow beings.

The recent incidents in India are mainly because we have forgotten the teachings of our prophet Mohammad (SWAS) and left behind his life style. The whole world is celebrating and conducting programmes about Prophet Mohammad (SWAS) in the month of Rabi’ul-Awwal but our mission should not be limited to only one month, it should continue throughout our life time.

The disciplined programme was convened by Ashraf Machar. Iqbal Pandeshwar delivered the vote of thanks. A huge number of expatriates attended the programme. The Executive Members of EIFF, Abu Dhabi and disciplined volunteers helped to make the event a grand success. The programme concluded with a delicious dinner.

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