Abu Dhabi: Grand Celebrations of 69th Indian Independence Day Held

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Abu Dhabi: A grand celebration of the 69th Indian Independence Day was celebrated at the Indian Embassy, here on 15 August 2015. A huge crowd of Indian expatriates attended the Independence Day celebrations.

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Expatriates were dressed in a variation of the tricolor creating an Indian atmosphere at the venue. At 8:00 am, Indian Ambassador to the UAE, T P Seetharam hoisted the Indian national flag, which was followed by the National anthem. The crowd cried out ‘Jai Hind’ at the end. Hundreds of Indians watched the unfurling of their tricoloured national flag and the release of rose petals amid notes of national anthem on the premises of the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

The programme then continued in the Embassy auditorium where the Indian Presidential speech was read out by the ambassador. A beautiful patriotic song and a traditional song dance was performed by the school students who then received a huge round of applause from the gathering.

Before the programme concluded, delicious sweets were served to all.

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Similar, celebrations were witnessed throughout the Emirate. The Abu Dhabi Indian School held the flag hoisting ceremony at 9:30am, followed by the Indian national anthem by members of the Executive Board of the school. Prior to it, the Independence Day was celebrated at the India Social and Cultural Centre Abu Dhabi at 7 am. President of the center Ramesh Panicker hoisted the National flag in the presence of ISC Executives, members and other dignitaries. A brief speech was given by Ramesh Panicker who then wished all a happy independence day.

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