Abu Dhabi: ISC holds Grand Iftar Get-together

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Abu Dhabi: India Social and Cultural Centre organized Grand Iftar Get-together at the ISC main hall here on June 24.

The programme began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. ISC President Ramesh Panikkar welcomed the gathering and wished Ramadan kareem to all. All those present in the hall ended their fast as the Maghreb Adaan was heard. Soon after the Iftar the Mahgrib Prayer was Held in the Hall.

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A mouth watering delicious dinner was enjoyed by all after the prayer. The main attraction was the model of the beautiful blue Istambul Masjid in Turkey which was designed by JoJo Ambookan for the Quran recitation programme. The skillful work was very much appreciated by all.

Vice President Dr Raja Balakrishna briefed about the 2nd Holy Quran recitation open competition programme -2015. The competition will start from 25 June.

ISC managing committee conveyed Ramadan wishes to all and praised the sponsors for their wholehearted cooperation. He thanked each and everyone for attending the Iftar Get-together.

Sudhir Shetty Prsident UAE Exchange Global, Shekar Shetty Arab Udupi, Aisha Lakdawala President ILA, Jairam Rai BIFCO and other leaders of prominent organizations were present.

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