Abu Dhabi: Karnataka Sangha, Bunts Dubai and Saifah Rikon lift 26th KSS memorial throw ball and volleyball trophy 2016

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Abu Dhabi: Bunts Dubai men’s team managed to beat Coastal Friends UAE in an electrifying thriller to take home the most prestigious Koosamma Shambu Shetty Memorial (KSSM) Trophy 2016. The ladies throw ball team of Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha emerged winner in a closely fought finals defeating Bunts Dubai team. In the first season of the volleyball tournament, Saifah Rikon won against Indian Spikers in a thriller. Konkans Dubai mens and ladies throw ball teams defeated KCO Abu Dhabi teams to emerge as 2nd runners-up.

The prestigious KSSSM tournament, organized every year in memory of the late Koosamma Shambu Shetty, mother of Padmashree Dr B R Shetty, was held on Friday January 22nd at the Abu Dhabi Indian School ground. The event began at 9:30 am with a warm welcome accorded by President, Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha and main convener of the tournament, Sarvotham Shetty. This was the 26th year this tournament was played.

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Sarvotham Shetty invited all the dignitaries to the dais, namely Dr B R Shetty and Dr Chandrakumari B R Shetty along with Vijay Mathu, President of UAE Exchange Sudhir Kumar Shetty, Managing Director of Arab Udupi Chain of Restaurants S B Shetty, KCO Abu Dhabi President Leo Rodrigues, Lavina Rodrigues, Managing Director of Heatshield Dubai Premanath Shetty, Prema Uday Shankar Shetty, Dolphy Vaz and many other dignitaries. He gave a brief introduction of the tournament with a touch of humour.

Renowned Malayalam playback singer G Venugopal was present on the occasion, Mr B R Shetty Thanked him for his kind gesture.

Colourful balloons were released to mark the event open. The inaugural match was played between the ADKS and CCF Fujairah.

The teams that participated in the tournaments were Bunts Dubai, KCO Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha, Mogaveers Dubai, Konkans Dubai, Mangalore Konkans, Canara Catholics Fujairah and Coastal Friends UAE. Indian Spikers – A, Indian Spikers – B, Smart Plus, Karavali Boys, Saifah Reacon Friends – Dubai were the teams participated in the volleyball tournament. Naveen Salian, Satish Shetty, Cynthia D Cunha, Deepthi Salian and Anand were the referees, who officiated the matches in a professional way.

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Final matches played between ADKS v/s Bunts Dubai (Ladies Throwball), Bunts Dubai v/s Coastal Friends UAE (Gents Throwball) and Indian Spikers -A v/s Saifah Rikon (Men’s volley ball) with nail biting finish entertained the crowd.

Individual prizes were awarded in all the categories. In the Volleyball tournament, Pawan of Indian Spikers was the Best Striker, Sajan of Saifah Rikon was the Best Defender and Siraj of Saifah Rikon was adjudged the All Rounder. Allan of Coastal Friends was the Best Striker, Ashley of Coastal Friends was the Best Defender, Ranjit Shetty of Bunts Dubai was awarded the All Rounder in the men’s Throwball were as Smitha Chowta of ADKS was presented the Best Striker, Shakila Bhandary ADKS was the Best defender, Neethu Shetty of Bunts Dubai was the All Rounder.

The special commentator of the day Vinod Shetty and Naveen Salian added thrill and glamour to the matches with their wonderful and humorous commentary.

In the concluding prize distribution ceremony, all the winners and runners-up were given trophies. Dr B R Shetty and Dr Chandrakumari B R Shetty along with President of UAE Exchange, Sudhir Kumar Shetty, Managing Director of Arab Udupi Chain of Restaurants S B Shetty, KCO Abu Dhabi Ex-President Michael D’Silva and other dignitaries were present on the dais. Dr B R Shetty thanked each and every one for their whole-hearted participation in the games and for making it a most memorable one. He also thanked Sarvotham Shetty and Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha for working hard and successfully organising the Koosamma Shambu Shetty Memorial Throwball and Volleyball Tournament. He specially thanked CCF Fujairah team for coming all the way from Fujairah. This year for the first time KSSM has organised Volleyball tournament and Dr B R Shetty specially thanked Vinod Shetty for organizing and coordinating the same.

Finally it was a wonderful tournament organized by ABU DHABI KARNATAKA SANGHA under the leadership of Sarvotham Shetty.

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