‘Accept The Challenges & Reach Your Goals’- Ms Shwetha Rasquinha at FMCOSH Student Council Launch

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‘Accept The Challenges & Reach Your Goals’- Ms Shwetha Rasquinha at FMCOSH Student Council Launch

‘Accept The challenges & Reach Your Goals’- Ms Shwetha Rasquinha at Father Muller College of Speech and Hearing Student Council Launch

Mangaluru : Serving as a President of Students’ Council in a college is a privilege and honor bestowed upon you by fellow college mates. When you are selected, your buddies have recognized your leadership skills and potential to manage the Council effectively. Your tenure will offer many opportunities to learn new skills, enhance the experience of others and grow as a leader. By taking advantage of the many opportunities to learn and grow, your term can have personal and professional development benefits that will last a lifetime. All of the members of your Student Council are part of your team, and it is the President’s responsibility to guide members toward reaching the Council goals.

Having goals and making plans to achieve them are two key steps to being successful. Every Council members has his/her important role to fill, and by working together, your Council will be able to meet its full potential and serve a vital role in your College, may be even, community. To accommodate these facts, there is a great deal of latitude in how you choose to manage your Council as long as you follow the basic Council rules/standards. In today’s rapidly changing world, individuals must blend their family demands, work commitments and volunteer work. While the responsibilities of an individual association president/chairman may be demanding, he/she is able to share challenges, ideas and perspectives with fellow members.

Like they say that Change in leadership is always good and better, and it was time for change in the Students’ Council of Father Muller College of Speech and Hearing,Mangaluru- and the inauguration of the 2019-20 Students’ Council took place on 11 July 2019 at the Silver Jubilee Hall at FMCI..The programme began with invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song by a bevy of College students, followed by welcome address by Prof Akhilesh PM, the Principal of FMCOSH. The programme was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by Chief Guest Ms Shwetha Rasquinha-HOD, Department of Social Works, St. Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore; along with other dignitaries on the dais, namely- Director of FMCI-Fr Richard A Coelho; Administrator FMMCH- Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa; Administrator FMMC-Fr Ajith Menezes; Chief of Research-Dr Sanjeev Rai, and Principal-Professor Akhilesh P M.

In her inaugural address Ms Shwetha Rasquinha speaking on the importance of the student council and its effects on role building in student leadership, she said, “The student leaders are like captains leading a front and also like the bridge in communication with the management. You need to accept and Overcome Challenges to Reach Your Goal. If the goal you’ve set is worthwhile, expect some resistance. Any significant goal in your life can only be reached by overcoming challenges along the way. You will succeed if you resolve to rise to the challenge”. She emphasized the importance of building and sharing confidence in each other for the betterment of the institute. She
praised the management for their tireless efforts in inculcation good principles and values in their student and recalled the affection and discipline showed to her as a two year old by Fr Rudolph D’Sa when as a parish priest.

The oath taking ceremony was conducted by the principal of FMCOSH, administering oath to the officer bearers of the new student council. The student council members are- President: Ms Aleena Jose; Vice President: Ms Mariyam; General Secretary: Ms Raveena H Salian; Joint Secretary; Mr Nikil Mon Sunny; Treasurer: Ms Adline D’Souza; and members of the Student Welfare Committee: Ms Soney D’Souza; Ms Suprita Shakeena; Ms Fathimath Nashwa; Sports Committee: Akil Varghese, Ms Amisha Suvarna and Leslie Saldanha; Cultural Committee: Alan Cyriac, Jeffin Varghese, Ben Thuruthmmel; Magazine and Media Committee: Ms Jesel D’Costa, Ms Grishal D’Souza and Ms Svetlana Gonalves

In his presidential address, Fr Richard Coelho after congratulating the new council members all the success in carrying out the programmes envisioned this year and secondly, he reminded the students that the institution is itself formed on principles of ethics, morality, and compassion keeping this in mind all the students should benefit from the institution and the institution from its hardworking students. Leadership is the special quality that you have in yourselves now, so make the best of it and show your capacity. A great leader should have- Self-awareness; Ingenuity; Love; and Heroism- so develop all these qualities to prove yourselves as good leaders. Wish you all a successful year, full of activities with great leadership behind them”.

“Your task is full of challenges, so try to overcome them and reach your goal, like chief guest Ms Rasquinha mentioned. Be good leaders with principles and morals, and don’t follow in the footsteps of the netas who run our government. Make the best of your leadership, and make a difference. The role of each member in the council is important
to solve problems and in the same time, attain success” added Fr Coelho. He urged the council to be leaders of tomorrow and be the champion of compassion around the world.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Aleena Jose, and the programme was compered by Ms Tricia Vaz. The student council is an elected team of members that work towards organizing all events and activities for the all-round progress of the students and the college. The student council represents the student body. The council will work in collaboration with the management. Every year, new members to the student council are elected who take an oath to faithfully carry out the responsibilities given to them. Team Mangalorean congratulates the New Student Council members and wish them all success in their endeavours.

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