Ace Avengers Emerge Winners in Bunts Sports Day 2017

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Ace Avengers Emerge Winners in Bunts Sports Day 2017

Dubai: The 3rd UAE Bunts Sports Day was organized by the UAE Bunts Youth Wing on 17 February 2017 at the Institute of Applied Technology, Al Qusais, Dubai which attracted more than 600 Bunts.

This year the event took a step further with the addition of two more teams totaling to eight teams.
1. Ace Avengers
2. Structcon Pirates
3. GBMT Panthers
4. Fortune O`Rangers
5. Woodys Red Indians
6. TMT Gladiators
7. Black Jaguars
8. Abu Dhabi Lions

The event began with an invocation by Prapthi followed by the welcome speech by UAE Bunts Youth Wing Coordinator Kiran Shetty.

The team owners Gunasheel Shetty, Ravi Shetty, Sujat Shetty, Praveen Shetty, Ashwith Shetty, Sajan Shetty, Premnath Shetty and Nithyanand Shetty from Al Ain inaugurated the event with the release of team-coloured balloons.

There was a 10 minute Zumba by Namaste Yoga for all the invitees to warm themselves and gear up for the full day of sporting activities.

The whole inauguration procedure was handled by Divya Mally.

Main Event
The sports day event was divided into Track, Field and Group Games.

Track events for both men and women were 100m, 200m, 400m, 4x100m relay, shot put and long jump.

Field events for toddlers to the mature were Frog race, sack race, lemon and spoon and three-legged race.

Group events were
Kabaddi, Cricket and volleyball.

Medal Winners for Various Age Categories in Track and field:

Age 11-15
Amogha Shetty (TMT Gladiators) – 2 Gold
Shresht Chowta (TMT Gladiators) – 2 Gold

Age 16-25
Deepika Shetty (Structcon Pirates) – 2 Gold
Gautham Shetty (Fortune O’ Rangers) – 2 Gold

Age 26- 35
Kiran Shetty (GBMT Panthers) – 3 Gold
Ramya Shetty (Ace Avengers) – 3 Gold

Age 36- 50
Prasanna Shetty (Ace Avengers) – 1 Gold
Neethu Shetty (Ace Avengers) – 1 Gold

Age 51 – Above
Uday Shetty (Woody’s Red Indians) – 1 gold

Group Game Winners
Cricket – Ace Avengers won the top spot followed by Abu Dhabi Lions in 2nd Spot.
Kabaddi – Ace Avengers won the top spot followed by TMT Gladiators in 2nd Spot.
Volleyball – Black Jaguars won the top spot followed by Fortune O’ Rangers in 2nd Spot

By the end of the day, the winning teams were:
1. Ace Avengers
2. TMT Gladiators
3. Woody’s Red Indians

The event concluded with raffle draws, handing over the trophies and the vote of thanks delivered by Kiran Shetty.

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